Man reveals secret, dual-purpose of ceiling fans: 'What type of sorcery is this?'

If you have a ceiling fan - especially an ineffective one - it may come as a surprise that you have been misusing it for years.
Anthony Bertoncin, a 20-year-old TikToker from Kansas City, Missouri, left social media users in disbelief after sharing the simple trick on TikTok with over 1.5 million followers.
"Today I finally noticed that my ceiling fan has been turning my room into a sauna for six years," says Bertoncin in his clip, which has been viewed over 2.2 million times since then.
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After Bertoncin explained his temperature control issues in his room, which caused him to keep his ceiling fan on, one day a friend happened to tell him how to change the direction of his fan during a FaceTime call.
"While we're doing FaceTiming, he changes the direction of his fan to heat his room in winter," said Bertoncin. "I have been suffering for six years and I am now noticing that I am finished today."
The science behind the switch is pretty simple. When a ceiling fan rotates counterclockwise, the inclination of the blades pushes the air down and creates a noticeable breeze, explains the current homeowner.
However, rotating clockwise ceiling fans can achieve the opposite effect by pushing air upwards and gently circulating the hot air trapped near the ceiling, making the unit useful for all seasons.
Still, TikTok users who had never heard of the simple functionality were of course surprised by the news.
"What kind of magic is this ?!" one wrote.
"I never knew there was," said another.
"This man solved why my room was so damn hot all the time," wrote a third.
Of course, others expressed their shock that a whole group of social media users were not aware of the basic function.
"How did so many people not know that ???" said a user.
"Counterclockwise in summer, clockwise in winter," said another.
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