Man Started Building 1969 Chevelle At 11 Years-Old

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AutotopiaLA's Shawn Davis gets to know some of the coolest transmissions, including this guy who has owned a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle since he was 11. That's right, at a time when most kids are into cartoons and make up the baseball team, this guy had a dream of building an amazing Chevelle. Now he's 31 and the results are phenomenal.
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This Chevelle is super loud and looks like a blast to drive. Like so many others, it has a 6.0-liter LS V8 from forge, but it got bored on 370 ci. The list of mods is long, ranging from port and polished heads to a performance camera. With a 6-speed manual gearbox, the driver has 415 hp on the rear wheels. Ultimately, there are plans to increase the thrust, which makes the performance of this Chevelle even more impressive.
Photo credit: YouTube
Amazingly, at 11, this guy worked a paper route and saved his tips. What he always wanted was a Chevelle, a car that he thought was absolutely beautiful, and he is not alone in that assessment. Fortunately, a Chevelle was on its paper route, but it wasn't pretty at all. The car had front damage, was gutted and left under a tarpaulin. The 11-year-old made the purchase with a vision in mind.
Photo credit: YouTube
We really admire transmissions that are unloaded and therefore buy a rough classic car and then slowly work on it ourselves over the years. It shows real determination and determination to keep that dream alive when most people just throw in the towel and sit on the couch. It's far more inspiring than watching a rich man buy one and rent a business to do a full restoration. This has its appeal, but it is nowhere near as reliable for the vast majority of us.
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