Man Steals Over 50 Luxury Cars To Satisfy His 16 Girlfriends

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We couldn't make this up if we wanted to ...
We're still trying to figure out how a man is accused by the police of stealing more than 50 luxury cars that he then gave to each of his 16 girlfriends. Delhi police interrogated the man who confessed to the crimes and admitted stealing the vehicles for his friends and "his own hobbies". The man named Robin has a number of well-known aliases, and we assume it's quite a toolbox for improving cars.
During his interrogation, Robin spilled the beans about breaking into cars. Although not all details were released to the local media, it emerged that he would be taking the luxury vehicles in the morning hours. The repot doesn't give a specific time, but we assume that like most thieves, he will be happy to strike if he knows the owners won't try to get to the car, which gives him plenty of time.
In fact, this guy has taken the time to make every car better. He told police that he would spend about 10 minutes opening each one. You'd think he'd be faster with so much practice, but maybe he was a perfectionist or didn't even want to leave a small scratch on the paint or glass.
A local news report says Robin would change his appearance if he stole every car. Since he was bald, he wore a different wig each time. We assume that he also changed his clothes. It's like something out of a movie, only he doesn't break into a safe in Milan or London.
Unsurprisingly, this guy took the time to (wait for it) car theft. In fact, he was recently released from prison so obviously he hasn't learned a bit of his lesson. You could even say he's tougher and better than ever at stealing.
What we can't believe is that the report says nothing more about Robin's 16 girlfriends. This may not be uncommon in Delhi, but here in the US it would be the focus of the story. And how many cars does every woman need anyway? We still have so many questions and no answers.
Source: Pledge Times
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