Man taken aback by pregnant girlfriend’s major request: ‘[It’s] just something that I’m not ready for’

A 19-year-old is unsure what to do now as his dating prospect is pregnant with someone else's child.
He asked Reddit's "Relationship Advice" forum for help. The girl he casually dated told him she was pregnant. She also asked him to be in the child's life. But house games don't interest the Reddit poster.
"I've been dating this girl for about a month," he explained. "We're going to college together and the relationship isn't very serious yet, although I see it every day. Last night after we went to see a movie she told me she had news."
"She told me she was pregnant (not my child) and I was surprised to say the least. She told me that she wanted a relationship with me and that she wanted me in this child's life."
Now he's not sure how to tell her that he just wants to be friends.
"Remember we've only known each other for about a month. Our relationship never got 'physical'," he said. "I haven't even asked her to be my girlfriend."
"I really like this girl and I'd love to be friends with her, but playing the role of a father is just something I'm not ready for. How do I tell this girl I don't want a romantic relationship without being a complete jerk to her?"
“You have to get out of the relationship completely. Absolutely,” one person wrote.
"You have to cut them off completely!" said another.
"Be honest, tell her you didn't sign up for a child," one user suggested.
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