Man uncovers girlfriend's elaborate lie after proposing to her: 'You should be worried'

Meeting your partner's parents can be nerve-wracking no matter what the situation, but it's a completely different level.
A Reddit user, who wrote under the name themeparkthroaway2, shared details of his unique situation with the website's Relationship Advisor forum.
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In the post, which drew hundreds of comments and then went viral on Twitter, themeparkthroaway2 explains that he never met his fiance's parents, but she wanted to get "her blessing" before she got married.
"She just told me that they wanted to meet me now ... but she also told them that I had a successful theme park and they wanted to meet me there," he wrote.
He said her parents were big "theme park lovers" so she lied to her to make them interested in the relationship - but they suddenly became very interested in this detail.
"My fiance has come up with some crazy things as if it were the third best park in Ohio and it has a volcanic theme and the roller coasters have food in them," wrote themeparkthroaway2. "She said she didn't know what else to do."
He said the fact that the global pandemic closed theme parks across the country gave them some time, but now they're wondering why they weren't invited to visit.
He asked if he should meet her at the theme park or just give up and reveal that the whole thing was a lie.
In a comment shared on Twitter, he said he was considering renting a theme park for the day to deceive them once, then giving up the trick once the couple got married and simply "never seeing them again or." call again ”.
The commentators were shocked.
"Man, sounds like a compulsive [liar]. You should be concerned about the lies she told you, ”wrote a Reddit user.
"Sounds like you should just stop taking care of your blessing if you need to own a theme park to get it," said a Twitter user.
"I feel bad for this man, but it's absolutely hysterical," wrote a third commentator.
Others suggested some humorous corrections to the admittedly strange situation.
"I mean it's a pandemic, you have time to build a paper mache volcano theme park, right? It's the new sourdough starter or the new banana bread," wrote a Twitter user.
"How's it going? You rent a theme park if you like romantic comedies and your name is Adam Sandler. It's a sure win-win situation for everyone. What could go wrong?" said a Reddit user.
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