Manchester United humiliated as Solskjaer nears end

MANCHESTER - Certain wins and losses are career-defining and the embarrassing loss to fierce rivals Liverpool felt that way for Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.
Not in a good sense.
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When a cacophony of boos at half and full time rang out from home fans at Old Trafford, that total surrender seems to be the end for Solskjaer.
Ole has now taken both hands off the wheel and United has entered the gorge of doom.
Manchester United are in chaos after their biggest home defeat to date to Liverpool. Solskjaer's future is uncertain. The whole direction of the club is once again called into question.
The scene in Manchester was dark.
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A fan sat on the ground in front of Old Trafford sobbing uncontrollably while wearing his Manchester United shirt. His red scarf hung from his shoulder and he looked as disheveled as Solskjaer because he put his hands on his head in disbelief.
This picture is my permanent one from this mangle.
Another fan shouted in line for a tram near Old Trafford: “Liverpool aren't even the best team in the league! Chelsea are miles better than them. That shows you how bad we are! ’
Fans were in bars saying "He has to go now" while others were like stunned zombies as a general sense of shock, despair and a bit of panic mixed in.
It seems that even the great Cristiano Ronaldo cannot save Manchester United from the almighty chaos they are in right now, as Sir Alex Ferguson's shocked expression in the stands summed up how every single United fan around the world felt during and felt after the abuse game.
United were struck by the devastating realization that they are nowhere near as close as they thought they were to Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City.
What went wrong?
Everything. Everything that was most predicted could go wrong, went wrong. That's the damn thing about it. Everyone knew what could happen and it happened.
Everyone but Solskjaer seemed to know what was going to happen next.
Solskjaer played two static midfielders. United had a front four unwilling to retrace and defend. United defenders made huge individual mistakes. There was no clear plan. No philosophy. No identity. Should I continue?
All of this played out while fans of their bitter rivals taunted and mocked them from a corner of Old Trafford. Jürgen Klopp's team had a plan, an identity and showed their incredible strength as a team unit. Liverpool's unity ruthlessly showed Manchester United's lack of organization.
Manchester United is just a bunch of individual superstars who go for a walk and see what happens.
Three years after Solskjaer got the job, there is no identity at all for this team. They just do what they want on the pitch. How is that possible?
Liverpool fans who witnessed this historic win at Old Trafford made this humiliation 1000 times worse for Manchester United and Solskjaer. They sarcastically called his name, asked him to wave to them, mocked Ronaldo's frustrated kick against Curtis Jones.
With every step, Liverpool fans reminded Manchester United how far they have to go to reach their level. Imagine having your worst day ever in the Premier League against your greatest rival?
The scenes of thousands of United fans pouring out of Old Trafford half an hour before full-time - it was surprising many stayed that long - will be the most devastating for Solskjaer and his players. The owners now have a big phone call to make.
You have stayed with Solskjaer so far, but a result like this, on top of all the other bad results recently, only adds to the problems that are piling up.
What's next for Manchester United?
When you hit rock bottom, as Solskjaer United said, the only way up is. But is it?
That reckless hammering exposed all of United's weaknesses in one fell swoop, but the heavy blow it delivered could be damaging and lasting. Not just for the players, but also for Solskjaer.
Are the owners of United, the Glazer family, ready to go down the short-term route again and bring in someone like Antonio Conte to win trophies?
Individually, this roster of players is as good, if not better, than Chelsea's, and seeing what Thomas Tuchel did after taking over Frank Lampard (like Solskjaer a club legend but only on the pitch) becomes the glazer Bring thought.
Solskjaer has done a good job in recent years to stabilize United, return to the UEFA Champions League and really restore confidence in a team demoralized by Jose Mourinho.
He can be applauded for that and it is no pleasure to suggest that he should be replaced as United manager. But he can also be asked to leave if he's not up to the task of building a new identity and taking United to the next level of challenge for the title and major trophies.
This defeat and this start of the season prove that he is not the right man for the future. If United is looking to be more than just a top four contender, the easiest management team is to change, and defeat like this is the last straw.
What is most worrying for Manchester United is that this scrap from Liverpool may not be rock bottom. Next up are Tottenham, Atalanta and Manchester City.
United may keep Solskjaer at his job for a while, but the cold, harsh reality they find themselves in has been hammered home by their fiercest rivals. Who hammered them.
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