Manchin and Sinema's 'very different' bottom lines could sink Build Back Better plan, Biden ally says

Kyrsten Sinema Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
While President Biden and the Democrats in Congress try to get their great social and climate law across the finish line, one question dominates the calculation: What will Sen. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz .) Accept to support Biden's Build Back Better plan? They're such a huge obstacle in the middle, they even have a name for a celebrity couple: Manchinema - or maybe Sinemin.
Unfortunately for the Democrats, Politico reported early Wednesday, an important "part of solving the Manchinema riddle is that the 74-year-old former coal-fired governor and the 45-year-old former Arizona Green Party activist disagree on some" . important politics. "
"Manchin and Sinema want very different things, both in terms of revenue and programming," a source close to Biden told Politico. "If you just took your currently presented red lines, you wouldn't have enough to get these previous progressives into the House and Senate. It wouldn't raise enough money or make big enough programs."
Sinema, who "only negotiates with the White House," is suspicious of proposals to lower prescription drug prices by letting Medicare negotiate, reports Politico, adding that it is "one of the most popular moves on the Democrats' options menu "Is and many party strategists believe that this is the question that Democrats owe their majority in the House of Representatives." Manchin is "far more willing to support a bolder version of drug price reform," says Politico, but he "rejects several democratic ideas in order to to price CO2 emissions while Sinema prefers them ".
"So where the hell is the overlap?" asks the Biden confidante - and Politico has an answer, although it will not be popular in the Democratic group: "The way to bring the total bill to over $ 2 trillion may require that $ 100 to $ 200 billion You can read more about what Manchin and Sinema want - and how democratic groups and activists use both "honey" and "vinegar" to get the two on board - at Politico.
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