Manila bans karaoke after complaints from irate parents homeschooling their children

Karaoke has been banned during the day in Manila as the noise distracts children who are home schooled - Flashpop / Getty Images Contributor
In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, karaoke was banned during the day so as not to disturb school children studying from home.
Restrictions came into effect on Thursday that prohibited potential hits from picking up the microphone between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
Singers who get their biggest hits on karaoke machines or other loud equipment during this time face fines of up to £ 50, CNN Philippines reported.
Francisco Domagoso, the city's mayor, said he enacted the rule after receiving complaints from parents that karaoke sessions disrupted their children's school classes.
Distance learning through online and television platforms, as well as printed materials, began on Monday.
The Philippines is one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic in Southeast Asia. To date, there have been 334, 770 cases and 6,152 deaths, even after prolonged lockdowns that have confined millions to their homes.
In May, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he would not allow students back to school until a coronavirus vaccine is available. Without a vaccine, sending children to school is a disaster, he said.
Boredom due to a lack of work has sparked a karaoke boom, and the Manila ban isn't the first.
In September, Jonvic Remulla, governor of Cavite Province, urged the public to report loud singers so people would not have compromised immune systems due to lack of sleep.
In a Facebook post in which the late American singer Frank Sinatra quoted lyrics from "My Way", Remulla told his constituents that he wanted them to strengthen their bodies through "a good, healthy sleep".
He said he had received frequent complaints about the "relentless abuse" from people who sang karaoke.

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