Many Women Are Done Trying To Hide Their VBO — And It’s Refreshing AF

Okay, first things first: what is a VBO? I'm so glad you asked because I only knew this term last week. (I thought I was writing a story about VPL - visible panty liner - and all I care about is exposing the panty liner because why should I have to pretend I'm not wearing what I'm wearing?) VBO stands for visible tummy contours and apparently there is a whole move to free the belly. As someone with a stomach that is also visible and doesn't go anywhere that fast, I'm all for it!
Bodies come in all shapes and sizes - and VBO embraces that reality
How many times have you advised against crop-tops, bikinis, figure-hugging dresses, skinny jeans - or, frankly, any type of clothing - because you didn't want your stomach to show up? Just like the VPL or the visible bra straps, the VBO movement is gaining traction, especially on Instagram under the hashtag #vbo. Why is it so important to us to regulate what women and girls wear in the first place? (Oh right. Patriarchy.)
Well, I'm here to tell you that you don't have to wear "flattering" styles or squeeze into soul-sucking shapewear. How do we literally pay money to force our bodies into shapes that are actually not our bodies? It's like paying $ 100 for a square watermelon: purely decorative and not very tasty. Our bodies are not ornaments and are very tasty and sexy - especially bellies!
People come in all shapes, sizes, and abilities whether you've had babies or not. Bodies are more than what they look like or what they can do.
Women hug their VBOs
I know the makeup and fashion industry's job is to make us hate ourselves so that we can buy their products instead of being completely satisfied with last season's clothes and eyebrows, but enough is enough . Women who have emerged from the body positivity movement are accepting their FUPA (fatty upper pubic area) without excuse. Watching women confidently rock their VBO is a lovely thing, not to mention empowering AF! Also, I have the authority (to discuss with my four children) that soft and mushy bellies are the best.
People who normalize VBO
But I understand. Sometimes you can read or hear something, but you can't quite believe it. It takes time to unlearn all of the lies we have born into our bodies. But don't just take our word for it! Social media is full of people helping normalize VBO regardless of body shape or size.
Aaronica Cole is an entrepreneur who runs multiple businesses and an award-winning green and eco-friendly lifestyle blog. Cole is a mother of three and not only does she make her own clothes, she is also her own best model.
J Aprileo is a non-binary blogger who talks about self care, accessibility, and travel. In their blog Comfy Fat, they also address the interfaces between gender identity and fat phobia.
Msen Kamsendoo is a delight. Kamsendoo is an entrepreneur and body positivity influencer on Instagram. Her exuberant personality, enjoying both her own body and delicacy (and she is so fine), is beautiful to testify. Bonus if you start to believe what she reminds you of yourself.
Gabi Fresh is a former body positive blogger who wrote about VBO and how good and good our bodies are. She now has a swimsuit collection and discusses fashion, travel and design.
Jari Jones is an actress, singer, plus size transmodel, creative, photographer, videographer and activist. For Jones, her life and survival is her activism. Expect Jones to spread more fashion in the future.
Ratnadevi Manokaran is a plus-size fashion blogger, boutique owner, creative, influencer and TedX talk speaker. Your life's work is to empower women.
Toni Furmanski is a lifestyle blogger who focuses on fat acceptance, fashion, body liberation and self-love and is also an amputee. She also loves plants and chipotle.
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