Map shows which states have the most calls to boycott NASCAR after its ban on the Confederate flag and Bubba Wallace noose incident

A Confederate flag flies in front of the Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Alabama.
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NASCAR has made some significant changes in the past few weeks, from the ban on the Confederate flag to the Bubba Wallace incident.
Given all of these events affecting NASCAR, it is natural that the fan base in the racing league will shift.
The team from used trend software with direct access to Twitter data with geotags to determine which US states NASCAR was boycotted most frequently.
Missouri residents produced most of the tweets with hashtags such as #boycottnascar, #nascarboycott and more.
Surprisingly, some of the states that most support a NASCAR boycott are not in the south.
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NASCAR has been going through some major changes recently.
Bubba Wallace, NASCAR's only black driver.
Getty / Chris Graythen
At the beginning of June, the leading stock car racing association imposed a total ban on the Confederate flags at its events. The move took place in the middle of America's settlement with the death of George Floyd.
NASCAR's widespread decision to ban the Confederate flag came as a shock to many, as the move represents a significant change from the association's long history of endorsing and sometimes outright approving of the outdated racist symbol that serves as a relic of to support the original sin of the United States.
An airplane with a Confederate flag and a banner that says "Defund NASCAR" flies over the Talladega Superspeedway.
Just a few weeks later, NASCAR found a noose in the garage of his only black driver - Bubba Wallace - at the Talladega Superspeedway in Lincoln, Alabama, in front of the GEICO 500. The discovery followed some fans who protested the ban on the Confederate flag from NASCAR by waving their flags outside the route in protest.
An angry fan even flew a plane with a Confederate flag and a banner that said "Defund NASCAR" over the Talladega Superspeedway.
Investigations by NASCAR and the FBI revealed that the noose had been in the garage for many months and was not intended to be a hate crime against Wallace. Nevertheless, the association strongly condemned the hatred. Similarly, Wallace's opposing NASCAR drivers showed a nice support for him by pushing his car and standing with him during the national anthem in front of the GEICO 500 on Monday.
In the case of the Confederate flag ban as well as the noose and the Wallace, many fans and newcomers to the sport praised NASCAR for its determined stance against racism and bigotry, but others were angry at the racing association's recent actions. Some fans have even sworn to boycott the league completely, believing that NASCAR should refrain from political gestures of any kind.
The team examined the data to determine which US states are most passionate about boycotting NASCAR. Using trend software with direct access to Twitter data with geotags, the group found that Missouri residents produced most tweets with hashtags such as #boycottnascar, #nascarboycott, and more that expressed their support for a boycott. Arizona came in second and Nebraska rounded off the podium.
It is somewhat surprising that some of the states that most support a NASCAR boycott are not in the south, where the Confederate flag has its roots.
Here is the complete boycott of NASCAR's Top 10:
1. Missouri
2. Arizona
3. Nebraska
4. Nevada
5. North Carolina
6. South Carolina
7. Iowa
8. New Mexico
9. Florida
10. Mississippi

And here's the Sports Insider map that shows which US states boycott most and least:
The Sports Insider map shows which US states have the most and least NASCAR boycott activities.
Sports insider
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