Margaret Josephs Has Strong Feelings About Joe Benigno's Diet

When Margaret Josephs walked into her kitchen on August 3rd, she was very confused by what she was seeing on Joe Benigno's plate. "Is that a healthy lunch because there is no bread?" The Real Housewives of New Jersey actress asked her husband as she was filming the slices of meat and cheese he was eating. "Joe, is that healthy?"
When Joe explained, "Yes, there is no bread," Margaret replied, "I mean, seriously?"
Joe proudly defended his food of choice, however. "What's wrong with that? It's ham and cheese ... and some mayonnaise," he said. "So I'm missing the bread, big deal." One thing was actually missing from Joe's meal, he explained: "I couldn't find the mustard."
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While it looks like Margaret won't be eating Joe's lunch anytime soon, she's often whipping up her own unique brew in the kitchen. In a February Instagram story, Margaret detailed her "secret recipe" for iced coffee viewers that she made on an episode of RHONJ. "I got a lot of comments on Instagram and Twitter about my iced coffee and how difficult it really is to make and I made it look so glamorous, so let me show you," she said before starting Cold Brew with Funfetti- Taste mixed milk jug and pour it over two handfuls of ice. As a finishing touch, Margaret poured the drink into a large wine glass and added a thick straw. "Who doesn't drink iced coffee from a glamorous glass?" She joked.
Obviously, the couple spends a lot of time in their newly renovated kitchen. After extensive work, the room now has eye-catching wallpaper, beautiful floors and chic furniture. In February, Margaret opened on "Soothing Kitchen", stating, "Ordinary people wouldn't put wallpaper in the kitchen with such a busy subject, but it really works."
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