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A supporter of Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake listens to Jerone Davison as he speaks on Monday, May 14.
The Maricopa County board of directors voted unanimously Monday to confirm the results of the 2022 election, meaning all but the shouting is over.
And, well, the protests, the lawsuits, and the general howling that the election was stolen right under Kari Lake and co.
And the grifting.
To quote one of Lake's recent appeals for donations, "With a donation of $5, $10, or $35, I can reach every corner of the state and make sure Republicans know their ballots may NOT have been counted."
Lake, others continue to rage
For weeks, Team MAGA's frontrunners have been fretting over the fact that they lost, filed lawsuits, called for snap elections and generally did whatever it took to undermine confidence in Arizona's Nov. 8 election.
There was Kari Lake over the weekend, without providing any evidence, of course, ranting about the "mass voter disenfranchisement" in Maricopa County.
"We know we WON this election, and we will do everything in our power to make sure every single Arizonan disfranchised vote is counted," she told Real America's Voice Saturday.
How Katie Hobbs Won: Her team describes the winning strategy
There was Abe Hamadeh, who last week filed a lawsuit to prevent the state from confirming the vote -- or alternatively declaring him the winner of the attorney general's race. Hamadeh lost to Democrat Kris Mayes by 510 votes, triggering an automatic recount that will take place after the state confirms the Dec. 5 election.
"I'm not stopping now. Let's do Arizona," he tweeted on Saturday.
There was Mark Finchem, who conjured up a new and improved conspiracy theory as to why he lost to Democrat Adrian Fontes by more than 120,000 votes. “Soros controls Fontes. Soros controls the press. Soros controls Hobbs. Soros controls the subsidiaries. Soros controls the sheriff. Soros controls the recorder. Soros controls the district oversight. It's time we stand up to Soros and take back Arizona," he tweeted Sunday.
Of course, Rep. Paul Gosar intervened. “Thousands, possibly tens of thousands, of voters were disenfranchised on Election Day in Arizona and unable to cast their ballots due to Maricopa County's unacceptable incompetence. This election needs to be revised,” he tweeted on Friday.
Or more likely... no one was disenfranchised.
But if some people did not vote, perhaps the blame lies with the leaders of the America First movement - those who told them not to vote by early voting and to be suspicious of anything and everything on Election Day.
Did it really disenfranchise voters?
Of course, there were always problems on election day. Bill Gates, chairman of the Maricopa County Supervisors, said so Monday.
"It wasn't a perfect election," he said shortly before the vote to confirm the election. "But it was safe, the votes were counted accurately."
Interestingly, of the several hundred people who showed up Monday to complain, few stayed long enough to hear the county detail its various claims about the many ways the election was stolen. But on the other hand, they have been prepared not to believe anything the election officials say.
Apparently, the Arizona Republican Party was not interested in facts.
“Arizona voters have been disenfranchised. Period. We don't care what @MaricopaVote says," the party tweeted.
Maricopa County on Sunday acknowledged printer problems at 43 of the county's 223 voting centers on Election Day, but said no voters were disenfranchised and no laws were broken.
"Each voter was provided with a ballot that he or she could use to record their votes, and all of those ballots cast by legitimate voters were tabulated, whether at the voting center or at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center," the Maricopa County Deputy said Attorney Tom Liddy, a lifelong Republican, wrote.
Let's debunk these MAGA complaints with facts
In its response to questions from the Attorney General's Elections Integrity Unit, the county addressed some of the MAGA team's biggest complaints:
MAGA COMPLAINT: Republican voters had to wait in line for hours, with potentially tens of thousands leaving before they could vote.
FACT: The county says the average wait time at the county's 233 voting centers was 6 minutes. In 85% of the county's polling stations, the longest wait was no more than 45 minutes. Seven voting centers had wait times of up to 115 minutes, but the county's online release of wait times showed nearby polling centers with wait times ranging from one minute to 25 minutes.
MAGA COMPLAINT: Due to printer problems, voters were told to put their ballots in a box to take downtown to be counted, but no one knows if those ballots were counted.
FACT: Since 1996, the county has used secure ballot boxes to collect ballots that tabulators cannot read. They are then taken downtown and counted.
This year printers at 43 voting centers had problems on election day. Voters were advised by poll workers to cast their ballots in these secure "Door 3" ballot boxes. Unfortunately, some voters who had been prepared for two years not to trust election officials refused to do so.
"While this is a legal, safe, and reliable way to vote, many high-profile and influential people have instructed voters not to deposit their ballots in Door 3," the county reported.
People like state GOP chair Kelli Ward, who warned shortly after polls opened on Nov. 8: "DO NOT PUT YOUR VOTING IN 'BOX 3' OR 'DRAWER 3'."
And Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk, who warned, "DO NOT PUT YOUR VOTE CHOICE IN BOX 3 TO BE 'TABULATED DOWNTOWN'."
In the end, 16,724 voters chose to drop their ballots in the Door 3 box, either due to printer problems or because they used pens that could not read the tabs, rather than the markers provided at the voting centers.
According to the district, 16,724 of these 16,724 ballot papers were counted.
MAGA COMPLAINT: Printer problems may have caused thousands of voters to leave one polling station and go to another, but were not allowed to vote.
FACT: The county reports that 206 voters checked in at one voting center and then went to cast their ballots at a second location. Of these, 84 had duly exited the first polling center and received standard ballots that were immediately tabulated. The remaining 122 voters - those who did not leave their first polling station - received provisional ballots. Of those 122, 109 were checked to ensure voters had not already voted and then counted.
In reality, Lake and Co. simply lost
Conclusion: 193 of these 206 ballot papers were counted.
But you wouldn't know it from the angry voters who lined up Monday morning to call overseers "traitors" and "vote dealers," citing Scriptures suggesting county officials are damned forever, and generally about "We the People" because the vote didn't go their way.
"This is a clear disenfranchisement of voters," said one voter.
"If you certify today, you are only certifying your corruption," said another, who admitted both he and his wife were allowed to vote.
"We have absolutely no confidence in our electoral process," said one woman.
I believe her After all, she was told for two years by Lake, Ward and a who's who of far-right leaders that our elections cannot be trusted.
Lake continued her tirade Monday, announcing in her campaign that bosses were ignoring "overwhelming evidence of voter disenfranchisement."
"This," tweeted the Lake campaign, "is far from over."
After state confirmation of the 2022 election next week, look for Lake and Company to file their lawsuits challenging the election results — at which point they can present their “overwhelming evidence.” I suspect that, just as in 2020, their grievances will be discussed at length and actual evidence examined.
That's because the true bottom line is just that: Lake and her fellow America Firsters lost flatly. And will now spend the next two years screaming about it.
And raise money to “fight” it.
Reach Roberts at Follow her on Twitter at @LaurieRoberts.
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This article originally appeared in Arizona Republic: Maricopa County Election Confirmed. Let the grifting begin

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