Marine held captive in Russia condemns 'embarrassing' stunt by Marjorie Taylor Greene

Leading Jake Tapper, Monday aired a portion of Tapper's interview with Trevor Reed and his family, in which they expressed displeasure with Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's actions. Reed is the former Marine who returned to the US after a prisoner swap with Russia last month after spending 985 days in a Russian prison on false charges. Legislation pushing for Reed's release was delayed last year because of Greene and other House Republicans.
"I'm going to go to every single one of their campaigns and personally thank them," Reed said. "Thank them for violating your ability to get out of jail?" Tapper asked. "Yes," Reed said, "thank you for voting against a law designed solely to get American political prisoners out of Russia." How do you justify that?”
Reed went on to speculate that the Russians were pleased with the actions of Greene and the others.
"I'm embarrassed that someone representing the United States would vote against something like that," Reed said. "I'm sure Russians love that. I'm sure they're all big fans of all these congressmen."
Reed is now lobbying for the release of other Americans held in Russia, including Paul Whelan, the Navy veteran who spent over 40 months in a Russian prison on alleged espionage charges. Reed promised retribution to anyone in Congress who delays the release of other American prisoners, as Greene did.
"I better never see that about other Americans again," Reed said, "because I promise that every single campaign that person does for the rest of their life, I'll be there to tell everyone they did it." to have."
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