Marine Who Fought At Iwo Jima: A Japanese Soldier Asked Me for Hot Chocolate

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Here's what to keep in mind: Any man who has been in the fight knows that funny things happen sometimes.
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The Battle of Iwo Jima, which began on February 19, 1945, was one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Marine Corps, as a former Cpl. Don Graves knows it first hand and will never forget it.
He will never forget the time when a Japanese soldier smelled hot chocolate nearby and asked him to bring him something. The moment he told in a video released on Tuesday's Marine Corps Facebook page was almost like the ceasefire that it wasn't.
Graves sat in a foxhole with two other Marines in the fifth week of the battle and decided to make hot chocolate. "So my two other friends said, 'do enough for three of us.'"
So there he was, slicing up his chocolate ration with a Ka bar and chopping it into powder. Then he cut off a piece of his demolition charge of composition C2, lighting a flame with it.
"Only a nice little fire goes and we sat there and saw it," he said. "And then suddenly I could smell hot chocolate."
Of course everyone else, including enemy soldiers, could do that too.
A few minutes later, he heard a Japanese voice calling him, "Hey Marine, very good Chocoletto. You are bringing Chocoletto here."
"If you want Chocoletto, come and get it," he said back. "He says, 'oh no, you're bringing here,'" Graves said with a laugh.
"There is humor in the fight. Every man who has been in the fight knows that funny things happen sometimes."
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Image: Wikimedia
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