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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos became husband and wife on May 1, 1996. Over two decades later, they're still going strong.
The beloved couple has since taken in three children together, Michael Joseph (23), Lola Grace (19) and Joaquin Antonio (17). And when they don't post cute Instagram photos of themselves while on vacation, they openly talk about their relationship. In August 2018, the host of Live with Kelly and Ryan stated that she actually fell in love with Consuelos at first sight - and all thanks to a photo she found on the set of All My Children.
"I wasn't a hopeless romantic. I never thought of getting married. It never occurred to me that I would grow old with anyone. I just thought I would live my life as a single girl in town," she said at SiriusXM's lunch with Bruce. "I had no responsibility and made my living doing the soap opera ... When I saw him, the photo of him, I saw my entire future with him flashing before [my eyes]. How. I saw it. I didn't believe in anything and now I'm doing it because of this moment. "
Although the two were separated while Consuelos was quarantined in Vancouver to film Riverdale and Ripa in New York, they still aren't shy about sharing their affections. Consuelos has posted on Instagram how much he "misses his home team" and when he appeared in the distance on his wife's birthday on Live with Kelly and Ryan, he echoed a sentiment he'd shared earlier: he can't sleep without them .
In honor of their love, here's a look back at how their fairytale romance began.
1995: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos co-stars.
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Ripa worked on All My Children from 1990 to 2002. And in 1995, Consuelos was cast as her love interest, which sparked an instant chemistry between them. "I was attracted to Mark because he was definitely an alpha male, and I didn't think I was drawn to it. But I just adore him," she told Elle in 2013.
1996: They got married.
After a year of dating, the two were drinking pizza and wine in Consuelos' apartment when he made a suggestion to Ripa. "I said, 'Ask me if you're serious.' And he said, "I'm serious. Let's go to Vegas and get married tomorrow, "said Ripa on her morning show in 2018. The two escaped to Sin City on May 1, 1996 for a honeymoon in Italy. Consuelos shared the honeymoon photo above to celebrate her 22nd birthday.
1997: Ripa and Consuelos welcome their first child.
One year after their marriage, Ripa gave birth to Michael Joseph on June 2, 1997. In 2018, their eldest son followed in his parents' footsteps when he was cast to portray a younger version of Consuelo's Riverdale character Hiram Lodge in Season 3.
"Congratulations Michael on being filled as a young Hiram Lodge on @thecwriverdale, but @instasuelos and I would like to take this opportunity to remind you and your siblings that we, as trustees, are entitled to 10% of all future income, or something, "Ripa said of an Instagram photo when the news was announced.
2001: The family grows to welcome their daughter Lola.
On June 16, 2001, also Father's Day that year, Ripa gave birth to their daughter Lola Grace, who seems to be constantly embarrassed by her famous mother. That same year, she moved to Regis Philbin on Live after Kathie Lee Gifford left the show in 2000.
In the family edition of People's August 2020, Consuelos went into raising his only daughter.
"As overly cautious as I thought it would be when she was born and I held her in my arms, I softened a bit," he said. "Because I am really aware of the good head she has on her shoulders."
2003: Their second son, Joaquin, is born.
Ripa gave birth to their third child, Joaquin Antonio, on February 24, 2003. She actually called a replay of Live from her hospital bed to reveal the good news. "Mark and I are very excited to share our news with everyone," she said loudly to E! In a statement. "We're the proud parents of a healthy boy! We can't wait to get Joaquin home to meet all of our friends and family."
2006: Consuelos rings ... 10 years later.
Ripa and Consuelos never exchanged rings when they got married and decided to buy jewelry to mark their 10th anniversary. "It must have made him feel like I didn't have a ring. We bought a ring for our 10th anniversary," Ripa said during an interview on Anna Faris' podcast "Unqualified" in 2018.
In an interview with Elle, the 50-year-old star shared the one item she never wants to throw away: "My wedding ring. I'm sure my kids will pull it out of my dead body, but I'll never part with it because of it is so special. "
2007: Ripa and Consuelos become business partners.
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They decided to combine business with pleasure when they started their own production company, Milojo. The New York-based operation was named after a combination of their children's names and has produced documentaries such as the 2012 Emmy-nominated ESPN film The Streak.
Deadline reported on their latest project in August 2020: They are adapting Silvia Moreno-Garcia's lively horror thriller novel Mexican Gothic into a TV show for Hulu.
See this post on Instagram
Sublime horror for your summer reading. So good that I bought the hard copy and download to read in the dark. ?? #silviamorenogarcia
A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa) on Jul 29, 2020 at 4:28 pm PDT
"We feel like we're hitting the literary jackpot and can't wait to bring Silvia's great writing to life with Hulu," said Ripa.
2015: The family gathers to honor Ripa's Hollywood Walk of Fame star.
Photo credit: Getty Images
On October 12, 2015, Ripa was awarded 2,561 on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the television category. Star awarded. It also coincided with her 15th year as a host on Live. Consuelos and her three children came to celebrate with her.
"It all started with All My Children. And All My Children is where I met the man I've been married to for almost 20 years - the love of my life, the man who taught me how to be Person is, a real person. And we have three of the most beautiful children that I am so proud of on the planet, Joaquin, Lola and Michael, "she said during her speech.
2016: They celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.
See this post on Instagram
Congratulations to the love of my life or at least half of my life @instasuelos cheers 24 years! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa) on May 1, 2020 at 5:45 am PDT
The whole family flew to Turks and Caicos Islands - and Ripa actually wore her wedding dress during the trip.
“The story behind the dress is that I bought it at the Barney's Warehouse sale. The dress is 25 years old. My marriage is 20 years old. I didn't buy it as a wedding dress. I only bought it because it was real pretty and I was going to buy something from the Barney's Warehouse sale, "she said on Live. "I said to myself, 'I bet if I buy this it might be an investment. Maybe I'll wear it more than once.' I swear to you, I wear it all the time. It's a beach cover now. I wear it all the time. It was the best $ 199 I've ever spent in my life. "
2019: Ripa and Consuelos return to television together.
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It is a family affair ........ Hiram's beloved. 23 years auditioning for a role I was born to do. Soon in @thecwriverdale
A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa) on Nov 6, 2018 at 2:55 pm PST
In November 2018, Ripa announced via Instagram that she would play Consuelos' mistress on the set of Riverdale with her son Michael Joseph and husband. Their joint episode aired on January 30th at 8 p.m. on the CW.
2020: Ripa shared many shirtless photos of Consuelos.
The talk show host takes every opportunity to demonstrate her husband's impressively healthy physique, from steamy training videos to a few shirtless pool snaps affectionately calling him "Papa".
"Sunday Vibes ?? #daddy," she captioned a July snapshot.
See this post on Instagram
Sunday mood? #Dad
A post shared by Kelly Ripa (@kellyripa) on Jul 19, 2020 at 10:38 am PDT
And after 24 years of marriage, Consuelos shared one of the many things he loves about his wife.
"I'm married to one of the most voracious readers you could ever meet. She reads and reads and reads and reads," said Mark. "And I'm so attracted to my wife and not just physically, but her brain is like that sexy. As if she really knows that much ... she was ahead of the curve so many times. "
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