Mark Hamill Had a Cameo in ‘The Mandalorian’ That Nobody Knew About

Mark Hamill had a secret role in "The Mandalorian" that no one knew about until Friday.
In the last episode of the behind-the-scenes documentaries “Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian”, it became known that Hamill gave his voice to a character from the Disney + series. And who he said is the dream of an Easter egg: the droid EV-9D9.
Disney + last aired a new episode of "The Mandalorian" in December.
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Don't you know who that is The die-hard "Star Wars" will tell you that EV-9D9 is the same droid in "Return of the Jedi" who was responsible for registering new droid acquisitions at the Palace of Jabba the Hutt. In addition, the episode in which he appears - the fifth of the season - takes place on Tatooine, the home planet of Luke Skywalker.
It is not the first time that Hamill, an accomplished dubbing actor, is playing someone other than his famous Jedi Knight in the distant galaxy. He has voiced alien creatures in "The Last Jedi" and "The Rise of Skywalker" as well as in Sith Lord Darth Bane in the television series "The Clone Wars".
Of course, Hamill is also known for giving The Joker his voice in "Batman: The Animated Series".
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