Marko opens up on Hamilton's fake quotes reaction

Marko opens up Hamilton's response to incorrect quotes
Redmut Motorsport consultant Helmut Marko said Lewis Hamilton's upset response to quotes wrongly attributed to Marko was "understandable" and revealed that the matter had now been dealt with privately.
Hamilton published strong social media contributions on Wednesday criticizing Marko after mistakenly believing the Austrian had claimed that the World Champion had been distracted from his F1 focus by supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign.
However, it quickly turned out that Marko had never made such comments, and the website where the comments were posted later admitted that they had been taken over from a parody Twitter account.
When Hamilton was informed that the Marko quotes were invented, he quickly removed the posts from his channels. He has not made any further public statements on the matter.
Marko says he was completely surprised when the controversy broke out on Wednesday for the first time and cannot understand what happened when he was first contacted by Red Bull's spokesman.
"She asked me what I really said in the interview," said Marko to Autosport. "I didn't even know what she was talking about. Then it all started. It totally surprised me."
German broadcaster RTL, which was mistakenly cited as the source of the quotes, was also involved in the matter as it had to search its archive to verify that it never made such comments during a series of interviews that had been conducted had on June 5th.
Marko opens up Hamilton's response to incorrect quotes
Once RTL was certain the quotes were wrong, the Red Bull team and Marko contacted Hamilton separately.
"[Christian] Horner sent SMS to Hamilton," said Marko. "He deleted his posts."
Marko himself later sent an email to Hamilton, to which he said to the Mercedes driver: "Also answered."
While Marko is not going to reveal what Hamilton wrote, he said the matter was handled "in good faith" for him.
When Marko thought about the events, he said he could sympathize with Hamilton if he thought he was being criticized for his recent stance on racism.
"He is very emotionally involved," added Marko. "As a racing driver, he is under no obligation to investigate whether this is true or not. In this respect, his reaction is understandable to me."
What Marko found less excusable was the way a website reported fully-made quotes to misrepresent him and the Red Bull team.
Marko opens up Hamilton's response to incorrect quotes
"It was boring," he said. "I didn't know what damage it could do and how quickly it spreads. You can take this as an example that an overly hysterical view is generally not helpful.
"Thankfully, most journalists research what's really going on. RTL told me they were bombarded with requests for four hours. And when it was clear that this was wrong news, hardly anyone wrote anything about it."
Marko also thinks it is "absurd" to think that he was racist when the controversy first took place.
"I'm not a racist," he said. "We have employees in our team that I don't know how many nations of. This was always the case in our junior program. And in my company I have employees from around 15 nationalities and X continents."
Additional reporting by Jonathan Noble
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