Married at First Sight Season 11 Cast Revealed: Meet the 5 New Couples

The return from Married at First Sight is only a month away.
Before the premiere of season 11, PEOPLE can exclusively introduce the five new couples who will make a leap of confidence when they walk down the aisle to marry a complete stranger.
The upcoming season, set in New Orleans and premiering on July 15, will include 17 two-hour episodes to capture each couple's emotional journey from wedding to honeymoon to the daily struggles of working on their marriage.
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In addition, Lifetime has ordered further episodes of the Married at First Sight: Couples Cam self-shot spinoff series, also produced by Kinetic Content. The stories of nine favorite couples of franchise fans dealing with the coronavirus pandemic will continue this summer and will be postponed to Thursday in July.
Meet season 11 couples:
Amelia and Bennett
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Bennett, 28, grew up in Montvale, New Jersey and is the artistic director of a theater group. Bennett, who has been looking for a life partner for years, has had a number of bad relationships, but is deeply encouraged by the Married at First Sights success story with previous couples.
Amelia, 27, grew up in Richmond, Virginia and is currently completing her medical education. Amelia shares the idea that "you can fall in love with everyone" and, like the arranged marriage of her grandparents, she really believes that it is possible to learn to love someone. She loves social experiments and feels that Married at First Sight is the perfect one for her.
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Amani and Woody
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Woody, 30, was born and raised in New Orleans. He is currently a teacher and trainer. Woody is ready to find a partner with whom he can share the love and kindness he has learned from his mother. He knows who he is and what he has to offer his future wife, and he wants the experts to help him find this special person.
Amani, 29, was born in Northern California and grew up in Chicago, but moved to New Orleans to attend college. Amani is enthusiastic about her work in the nonprofit sector and is striving to found a nonprofit organization that works with youth. Amani is serious about finding a life partner with whom he can share professional ambitions, explore the world and ultimately start a family.
Olivia and Brett
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Brett, 35, was born and raised in Gretna, Louisiana. He was recently certified by the AWS Cloud Practitioner and is characterized by his career in IT. Brett has always been ready for marriage and is definitely open to the MAFS experience, believing that historically arranged marriages have been the primary means of matchmaking for the vast majority of human history.
Olivia, 30, was born and raised in Bossier City, Louisiana. After receiving her Master of Science in Nursing and working in clinics in Iowa, she wanted to be closer to home and moved to New Orleans to get a job with a comprehensive stroke center. Olivia has worked hard in her career and is ready to invest the same amount of time and effort in a relationship.
Christina and Henry
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Henry, 35, was born and raised in Arabi, Louisiana. He is currently working as a clinical recruiter and is enjoying his career. Henry is looking for a partner to come to terms with and feels that he has tried every possible approach but has been unsuccessful. The dating apps were disappointing and his friends and colleagues have no one to introduce him to. Henry is interested in Married at First Sight because he believes that the experiment will be beneficial in many ways - and is a unique opportunity that he would like to miss.
Christina, 30, was born in Houma, Louisiana, grew up with a single mother and never really knew her biological father. The flight attendant recently ended a five-year relationship and didn't put much effort into dating or finding a partner. She is excited about the experiment "Married at first sight" because she knows that the experts are ready to do the work for her so that she can happily settle into a relationship with her perfect partner.
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Karen and Miles
Kinetic content
Miles, 26, was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He has always loved education and loves working with children and young adults. Miles is looking for a woman, but feels that his options are limited and considers Married at First Sight to be the perfect opportunity to connect with a partner he does not normally meet. Miles not only trusts the experts, but trusts the process.
Karen, 30, grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and has worked as a consultant in New Orleans since graduating. Karen has been single for five years and finds dating quite difficult. Karen is ready to get married at first sight because she believes the experts will find the right man who has eluded her all the time.
Married at First Sight Season 11 Premiere July 15th at 8pm ET for life.

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