Married Gay Couple Allegedly Kicked Out of California Burger King

Burger King men
A same-sex couple in California said they were tossed out of a Burger King by staff at the fast food restaurant. The men say that one of these employees also insulted them with homophobic abuse.
Leo Mendez said he and husband Romiro Mendez decided to get food for them and their son on their way home on July 24 and order the food through Burger King's app, Newsweek reported.
However, when they were collecting their food, the couple was told that the restaurant was closed.
"Our two-year-old son was hungry, so I decided to place an order through my Burger King app so we wouldn't have to wait for food and because it's right off the freeway," Leo Mendez told Newsweek. "When we got to the Burger King restaurant, the manager refused to give us our food and said the restaurant was closed even though it was still open."
Leo Mendez added the clerk yelled at them and said they were going to get a gun.
"He called us F ******, laughed at us, turned us around and said he was going to get the strap [his gun] from behind," he said. There is a video of the employee using the bow against them.
While they were trying to drive away, the clerk came out of the building and kept yelling at the alleged couple.
"My husband and I were so scared for our lives that we left each other regardless of a refund, food or anything else, we just wanted to be home and safe," said Leo Mendez.
Local Stanislaus County police told KGTV that Burger King's staff were cooperating and informed authorities that the Mendez's were the first to be aggressive.
However, police have referred the case to prosecutors over a possible hate crime for a misdemeanor as the couple felt they were physically threatened.
“We shouldn't wait for something to happen. We should follow it when we can actually do something and not wait until someone has been shot or killed, "Romiro Mendez told the broadcaster.
The couple said they hadn't heard from Burger King about the incident.

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