Maskless Woman Coughs on Fellow Customer in Argument Over Face Masks in New York Coffeeshop

A customer reportedly coughed up against another customer in a bagel store on June 6 during a dispute over face mask wear in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens, New York.
In a Facebook post about the incident, Ally Goodbaum said she had noticed that the other woman, who was reportedly referred to as Lauren Balsamo, "coughed, did not cover her mouth, and did not wear a mask."
Goodbaum said she asked the staff to make customers wear masks, and when Balsamo heard it, "she got angry and yelled at me and gave me names that said she had covid antibodies and needed in public no mask, "wrote Goodbaum.
In the video, Balsamo told Goodbaum to "say it to her face" and repeatedly called her a "pussy" before going to Goodbaum and coughing her up.
The video has now gone viral and Balsamo has been referred to online as "Karen", a derogatory term for a woman who is considered legitimate or inappropriately demanding.
Balsamo's former employer released a statement condemning her actions. Photo credit: Anonymous via Storyful

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