Matt Damon Isn't Happy Jimmy Kimmel Is Taking a "Couple Months Off" of Late-Night Show

Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel reveals that he needs a much-needed break from filming Jimmy Kimmel Live!
On Thursday evening, the talk show host announced that his summer break would start on Friday. He said, "I take the summer off to spend even more time with my family. I've been doing this job for almost 18 years, I've done 3,130 shows and there's nothing wrong with my family being healthy. I am healthy. I only need a few months off. "
During this time, a "cavalry of very friendly and capable people", some of whom are his famous friends, will step in for the 52-year-old.
However, fans will not see these hosts in action for some time because the Jimmy Kimmel Live! will go on vacation for two weeks.
Late night show viewers might even see Matt Damon sitting behind this desk in the near future. It would not be entirely impossible since the Bourne star apparently lived in Kimmel's house all the time.
Celebrity Mean Tweets from Jimmy Kimmel Live!
He appeared during the announcement to ask why he wasn't on the show when he "waited" for three months, whereupon Jimmy asked why he was in her house at all. "Maybe you've heard of something called the corona virus," quipped Damon.
After some back and forth, Jimmy spotted his wife Molly, who slipped out of the guest room in a robe. "Son of a bitch, you did it again," shouted Kimmel.
It is completely unclear how Matt has lived at Kimmel's house in the past three months when people in Ireland reported sightings of the actor. In May, he told a local radio station that he felt he was living in a "fairy tale" and that he "couldn't think of a place" where he would rather be quarantined.
He said: "Of course what is going on in the world is terrible, but I have my whole family, I am with my children and we have teachers with us because we intended to miss school for about eight weeks We have what nobody else has, namely, living people teaching our children, so we feel guilty. We have this setup in this incredible place. It's absolutely great. Even in the 2km barrier we have Trees and forests and ocean. I can't imagine a place where you'd rather be within 2 km. "
Shows with innkeepers start on Monday July 6th.

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