Matt Damon on roughnecks, Wranglers, and his Stillwater Sonic order

Sorry, Cherry Limeade fans: The Sonic medal that Matt Damon places in the new film Stillwater is unfortunately not his. That's not to say that he wouldn't order a cherry lemonade per se. It's just that he hasn't really given much thought to his own personal assignment. How he The A.V. Club in a recent video chat, the order he places in the movie is actually the regular order from the movie's rough on-set authenticity advisor, Kenny Baker, who just really loves chili cheese cones. When they were filming the scene at the Sonic drive-in theater, Damon asked him what he was going to order and then used that as dialogue in the scene.
That's just one thing Damon did to get his Oklahoma-based Roughneck character right, from spending time with guys in the field to choosing the rough, flame-retardant jeans for his costume. As he tells us in the video below, he was also trying to get in Roughneck form for Stillwater after hanging out with real Roughnecks for some time. Damon says
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“I noticed the stature of the boys - not that of the young people. The young people somehow know about cross-fit. The young boys may look a little more like Chris Hemsworth. But the guys my age are all so strong that you have to be so strong to do this job. So you are really powerful. You're beefy guys from Oklahoma. It is one thing. So physicality consisted of watching them walk around, watching them move as if they were on their forefoot. I started eating differently and lifting heavy, heavy weights when I was just exercising to try to gain bulk.
Interested parties can The A.V. Stillwater Club review here where our critic Jesse Hassenger gives the film a B and states that "the film takes the usual quiet character studies of screenwriter and director Tom McCarthy in a different, fascinating direction."
Stillwater will be in theaters everywhere starting July 30th.

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