Matt Gaetz's future sister-in-law called him 'weird and creepy' and said he pressured an older man to date her when she was 19

Rep. Matt Gaetz and his fiancee Ginger Luckey. Michael Ciaglo / Getty Images
Gaetz's fiancé's sister posted TikToks this week, calling the congressman "weird and creepy."
Roxanne Luckey said Gaetz urged an older friend to ask her out on a date when she was 19.
Luckey also said she was "not surprised" to learn that Gaetz was under investigation into sex trafficking.
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Rep. Matt Gaetz's future sister-in-law has blown the Florida Congressman's "weird and creepy" behavior on TikTok while the FBI and Justice Department continue to investigate whether he violated sex trafficking laws and had sexual relations with minors.
Roxanne Luckey, 20, is the younger sister of Ginger Luckey, Gaetz's fiancé. Roxanne's TikTok account has since been privatized, but Insider has been checking out records on Twitter and YouTube.
In a statement to The Daily Beast, Ginger Luckey said her sister had a history of "destructive behavior". Gaetz, Roxanne Luckey and Ginger Luckey did not immediately respond to insiders' request for comment.
What the videos say
In her first video, released on Sunday, Roxanne Luckey featured an article in the New York Times that said the DOJ was investigating whether Gaetz had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl. (The Congressman has denied any wrongdoing.)
The video's caption read, "When a creepy old man tries to turn you on at the bar but your sisters got engaged to a literal pedophile."
In a Monday post, Luckey said Gaetz pressured his girlfriend to date her last summer when she was 19 and already in a relationship. She described the boyfriend as a divorced father "Matt's age," 39.
"This guy kept telling me like, 'Oh, Matt told me to ask you out, that we'd be great together.' And I was just kidding like, 'Haha, I'm 19, that's weird,' "Luckey said.
Luckey said the boyfriend said "scary things" like, "If you break up with your boyfriend, let me know so you can have a real man. '"
Luckey said the friend later apologized and said he asked her to "get Matt off my back".
Luckey said when she confronted Gaetz on Thanksgiving, "he started yelling at me and my mother".
"He called me a narcissist, only punished me 1,000% with gaslighting ... He treated me fully as a lawyer like, 'I don't have to listen to you, I don't have to answer your questions.'"
Luckey said after that episode that she was "unfortunately not surprised" to learn that Gaetz was under investigation into sex trafficking.
She also said she should have used the term "ephebophile" - a person attracted to middle to late teens - to describe Gaetz rather than "pedophile," a person attracted to prepubescent children.
Luckey said she recorded the videos to hold politicians accountable
The story goes on

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