Matt Nagy explains heated sideline conversation with Nick Foles in Bears win

Nagy explains the heated conversation with Foles, "I Agree" originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago
If you're looking for a specific reason the Chicago Bears offensive will improve with Nick Foles as starting quarterback, a key sequence in Thursday night's 20:19 win over the Buccaneers gave some hope - though the result was almost catastrophic.
At 14:10 in the fourth quarter, the Bears were still 16-14 behind, but they had the ball and an initial loss at the Bucs' 30-yard line. Foles ran back to David Montgomery and gave him the ball for a seven meter win (the best run of the night, by the way). The bears felt a bit of a swing and couldn't let go. Foles quickly hit wide receiver Allen Robinson for an 8-yard gain, earning the Bears a 1:10 win at the 15-yard line.
What happened next was a disagreement between the quarterback and the head coach. Foles didn't want to push any further. Matt Nagy wanted to make substitutions and play a specific game that they had been practicing during the week - a shot at Cordarrelle Patterson in the end zone.
The FOX broadcast recorded the entire sequence of events.
"Yes, Nick Foles wants to hurry now," said analyst Troy Aikman. "He wants to get his turn in a hurry. It feels like the defense is a little hot on his heels."
The cameras even caught Foles shaking his head as he glanced at the bears' sidelines, obviously not pleased that Nagy wanted to huddle up.
"We had a piece that we liked and that was in the playbook for the past few weeks, and we loved it in that area," said Nagy on Friday morning. "Cordarrelle ran open for a touchdown on this game in the end zone and we couldn't get the throw off."
Technically, both Foles and Nagy were right. But Foles earned the benefit of future doubt.
Nagy's game worked because Patterson was open, but Foles couldn't get the drop because the proper tackle against Bobby Massie Buc's defensive end allowed Jason Pierre-Paul to get around the edge and hit the quarterback before he could get the pass . Pierre-Paul even threw the ball and the bears were very lucky that Massie was there to jump on the fumble. But 17 yards were lost in the game and the Bears had to settle for a 47-yard field goal scored by kicker Cairo Santos.
After the ensuing whistle, FOX showed a somewhat one-sided conversation on the sidelines where you didn't have to be able to hear the audio to know that Foles told Nagy he wanted to move it forward with a no-huddle attack .
"In that situation right there, I think you're going to start there with Nick and me, and see if we start to grow on this thing - and I agree with him, like you're going to go out and do a little bit of a pace , we kind of had them on our tail, ”said Nagy. "And his point was, hey, as soon as we get her on our tail like that, let's let her stay there and do some things."
Nagy admitted that there was some frustration with the sacking / fumbling (Foles got a pretty good shot at the game too) and it's not hard to say that the negative game probably wouldn't have happened if the bears were on the fast game would have held. In the required context it is included that the bears were without left guard James Daniels because of a chest injury sustained in the game and reserve Alex Bars was there as a submarine. The bars settled after quickly allowing a sack after entering the game, but overall the protection from Foles wasn't good enough. He knew that, and while Nagy's game in the red zone was correct for that particular field position, the flow of the game dictated that they stick to what was working at that moment.
"I like the fact that he communicates that way," said Nagy. "And now we just have to keep growing, OK, next time we get into this situation, how do we communicate through this to get our team in the best possible situation?"
Consider this one of those lesson moments that is much more enjoyable after a victory. But thank you Nagy for being honest with the situation. In all honesty, he is getting used to working with a seasoned quarterback that he can trust during these big moments. Thursday's game was only the third time Nagy had called Games for Foles, and they were up and running in a short week.
I asked Nagy Monday if this was a situation his quarterback deserved the confidence he needed for his quarterback to dictate that call next time.
"Yeah sure, I think everything you just said is true," said Nagy. "So I think it's healthy when we talk about these situations because there is a sense of it. Nick has a great feeling when he's out there and the pattern of the game is how the game is going. They were a bit after us. And to keep them on their heels rather than clenching them, you get tired and the defense gets tired. We set the pace. I'm not against his suggestion. Not at all. In fact, I'm for it. "
This, of course, is one of the main reasons Foles is here. You can trust your experience in these situations. At the same time, it is understandable that there is an adjustment period for Nagy. Let's face it: he didn't have the same level of trust as Mitch Trubisky, which is why the quarterback move was made.
The good news is that the bears won the game and are 4-1. Nagy and Foles now have 10 days to continue gelling before the bears play the panthers. And there's reason to believe the pairing will only get better.

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