Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: ‘Being white, race and understanding race is something new’

Maverick's owner Mark Cuban was absolutely right when he said that white people should recognize the white privilege.
An example of a white privilege? Ignore races. Race affects the whole country. But white is treated as "normal" in the United States, which gives whites considerable comfort, including the ability to ignore the race (which further preserves the status quo). Too often, black people are forced to deal with "different" and everything that goes with it.

"This is a turning point and an opportunity for real change." @DallasMavs' Mark Cuban (@mcuban) about his motivation to listen, learn and take action against systemic racism. #NBAVoices
4:30 p.m. - June 26, 2020
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Learning is an ongoing process, especially learning about things that are new to you and different for you. And being white, being race and understanding race is something new. It becomes very clear that there is a unique opportunity for this country and for the world to be a turning point for real change. And I think that really made me learn as much, speak as much, and participate as much as possible.
We can all learn more and more. I greet everyone who does this. I really don't want to exhort people not to know basic elements of the situation earlier when they are trying to broaden their worldview. Better late than never. Really, really, I really don't want to scold these people. But sometimes it's difficult.
Cuban is 61 years old.
Six years ago, he said he had to be a leader in fighting bigotry.
What did he do all the time?
I will only go into the progress again, including the $ 100,000 Cuban donation to the National Association of Black Journalists.
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