Max Ehrich Was Spotted Crying at the Beach Where He Proposed to Demi Lovato and Fans Can't Deal

Photo credit: Instagram
From Cosmopolitan
Max Ehrich was seen crying and apparently praying on the beach where he proposed to Demi Lovato.
Fans think Max took on the paparazzi.
Welp, Max Ehrich still doesn't seem 100 percent about his very public breakup with Demi Lovato. At least that's the mood that comes from a TMZ video of him sitting in the sand, seemingly crying in front of paparazzi on the beach where he suggested Demi. In this video Max can be seen talking on the phone, wiping away tears, throwing a piece of seaweed into the ocean and doing what seems to be praying - and honestly we were all there! Perhaps! But Demi's fans are ... not impressed. Like humans, have a lot of thoughts, none of which are particularly personable:
Here's a since-deleted picture from their beach suggestion, just in case someone is curious!
Photo credit: Instagram
As a reminder, Max claimed he found out about his breakup on the tabloids and has since been very, um, open about their relationship on Instagram. In the meantime, Demi directly released a break-up song and is reportedly acting like she was never engaged to Max. As a legitimate source told us Weekly that she "pretended she was never engaged to Max and that their relationship never materialized. She still doesn't speak to him and cuts him off completely."
And scene.
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