McCarthy Knocks Cheney and Kinzinger: ‘Pelosi Republicans’

House of Representatives GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, California, mocked Reps Liz Cheney (R., Wyo.) And Adam Kinzinger (R., Illinois) on Monday, calling them "Pelosi Republicans" after the Democratic spokesman House of Representatives the couple had appointed a committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol Rising.
McCarthy's comment came during an exchange with reporters in the White House Rose Garden ahead of the celebration of the 31st Anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act. When asked by the Daily Mail reporter Emily Goodin whether Kinzinger and Cheney would be punished for serving on the committee, McCarthy said, "We'll see."
He also said that he "couldn't tell you" the last time he spoke to one of the representatives.
Cheney and Kinzinger are the only two Republicans on the Jan. 6 committee after McCarthy withdrew his appointments in response to Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi's decision to block two of his elections. McCarthy first tapped representatives Jim Banks (R., Ind.) And Jim Jordan (R., Ohio).
Both Cheney and Kinzinger later called McCarthy's comments "childish".
“We're doing great things right now. We come to the answers to the worst attack on the Capitol since the war of 1812. He can call me whatever he likes, ”said Kinzinger. “I'm a Republican. Kevin McCarthy is technically my Republican leader. And naming Congressmen by childish names, as Donald Trump used to do, is just a kind of standard in my opinion.
Cheney and Kinzinger were two of only ten Republicans who voted on January 6 to indict former President Donald Trump of inciting a riot.
Pelosi invited Kinzinger to join the panel on Sunday, having previously selected Cheney as one of her designated picks for the committee.
Both Republicans were vocal critics of Trump; Cheney's blatant criticism ultimately led to her being ousted from her leadership role in the House GOP.
During an appearance on ABC News ’This Week on Sunday, Pelosi defended the committee's legitimacy despite the lack of Republican representatives from the House of Representatives.
"I believe that the work of this committee - to maintain the confidence of the American people - must act in a non-partisan manner [and] entirely about patriotism," Pelosi said. “We must again ignore the antics of those who do not want to find the truth. We will find the truth. This truth will have the confidence of the American people because it is made patriotic and not partisan. "
After Pelosi put Kinzinger on the panel, McCarthy issued a statement on Sunday expressing concerns about the integrity of the investigation.
“Spokeswoman Pelosi's rejection of the Republican nominees on the committee and the self-nomination of members who share her preconceived narrative will not result in serious investigation. The spokeswoman has structured this select committee to meet her political goals. She had months to work with Republicans on a sensible and fair approach to getting responses to the events and security flaws surrounding January 6th. "
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