McDonald’s adds bakery items to menu in breakfast push

Yahoo Finance's Sibile Marcellus meets with Kristin Myers to discuss McDonald's move to include baked goods in its menu to help customers eat breakfast.
Video transcript
KRISTIN MYERS: Let's talk about McDonald's and breakfast. You will be adding some new items to your menu. To find out more, Sibile Marcellus from Yahoo Finance is joining us. Hey Sibile.
SIBILE MARCELLUS: Right. So McDonald's is shaking its menu and bringing baked delicacies to a McDonald's near you. This begins in about two and a half weeks on October 28th. You will be adding three items to your menu which are baked goods.
Now McDonald's says it's the first time they have done this in eight years. Usually all you can get is cookies and cakes. But now you can also add and order apple fritters, blueberry muffins, and cinnamon rolls when you go to McDonald's to accompany your Big Mac.
So McDonald's is clearly getting big here and has a lot more to offer. And that's not just a kind of breakfast menu. These items are available all day.
KRISTIN MYERS: What else is on the menu, Sibile? We talked about chicken sandwiches during the break. Will this be added to the breakfast menu?
SIBILE MARCELLUS: It's already part of your breakfast menu. They added that earlier this year. As we know, Popeye's had their chicken sandwich. So, yes, a breakfast - breakfast wars are definitely an integral part of fast food wars.
But we see McDonald's grab some baked goods because obviously Americans can't get enough of those cinnamon buns, warm and sweet and tasty. I think I might get one soon.
KRISTIN MYERS: Yes, thank you very much. You're making me hungry too now. I don't know if I want a chicken sandwich for breakfast, but I will always try something. Thank you, Sibile Marcellus.
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