McDonald's set to release new breakfast items in October

McDonald’s will be bringing out new breakfast items on October 28th. Julia La Roche of Yahoo Finance discussed.
Video transcript
- Julia, I would like to speak to you about the corporate world and how it has adapted or changed all of this and taste, so to speak. McDonald's introduces some new products in the Breakfast Wars.
JULIA LA ROCHE: Yes, that's right. Well if you think about it, McDonald's has been causing a lot of buzz lately, be it the Travis Scott food or the flavorful chicken nuggets. I just felt like my social media feeds were flooded with it.
And today, McDonald's announces that it's the first time in eight years that it's putting baked goods on the breakfast menu. So they add an apple fritters, blueberry muffin, and cinnamon bun.
And remember, this comes at a time when breakfast sales have come under pressure. Because if you think about it, COVID-19, working from home really disrupted the commute that morning, where you might stop by and grab an egg McMuffin or something else, or at least walk the drive through.
In a room where you see more and more competition, you definitely see McDonald's stepping up their efforts. You are an icon when it comes to breakfast. So expand your menu and hope to attract more customers and increase breakfast sales.
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