Meagan Good Says She's 'Learning to Live Again' and 'Say No' amid Divorce

mean good
Nicoletta Carney
After a year of personal and professional ups and downs, Meagan Good decides to put himself first.
"I've learned not to please people so much," the 40-year-old told PEOPLE earlier this week at a confidential Hollywood event honoring her career. "I've learned that not everyone will understand or like you, and that's okay. And knowing who your tribe is and being genuinely grateful for that, and knowing that sometimes they're not your tribe — that's okay too.”
She continued that her focus is on "loving and treating people with respect and never letting how people treat you change the integrity of who you want to be." I think especially this season I'm learning to live in a different way again."
Since Good filed for divorce from DeVon Franklin, her husband of nine years, in December 2021, the actress has also made it a point to practice plenty of gratitude.
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"There have been a lot of changes, like getting divorced and having a hit TV show where I play the character of my dreams and I get massive support from Amazon," the Harlem star told PEOPLE.
Good also joined the Director's Guild of America and served as Executive Producer on the ALLBLK streaming service's new Dramedy À La Carte.
"It's like, 'All right, Lord. I'm going to go out and find out,'" she continued. "It's just about being present and really being grateful and just taking in everything as it comes. I think the biggest thing for me in the season is just being present and really grateful every single day for the quality of my life and the people I live with."
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Though many around Good see the actress thriving and changing, she naturally tries to keep her feet on the ground — a lesson she learned from her mother.
"My mother was always very clear about being humble, not believing her own hype, and having an identity outside of acting," she said.
mean good
Nicolette Carney actress Meagan Good on stage accepting the Hollywood Confidential Icon Award.
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Good is excited to begin a new chapter in her life - scripted or unscripted.
"I'm excited for what's next and I'm very hopeful," says Good. "Life isn't just short, it's precious, and that's why I'm just really conscious about being present."
She notes, "Even now, I technically don't have a place to live. I'm staying with my mom, but technically I'm just floating and there's something really cool about that because now when I start in Harlem next week, I'm just going to be moving to New York for those months without having a base anywhere. I'll see what happens after that.
Season 1 of À La Carte is now streaming on ALLBLK.
Meagan Good
American actress and producer

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