Meet Beave, the Internet's Beloved Beaver Who's Making It Impossible for His Owner to Wrap Gifts

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The internet has a new star: Beave the Beaver.
The precious animal went viral on TikTok in adorable videos recorded by its owner Nancy Coyne, who is rehabilitating Beave at her Hudson Valley residence, according to NPR.
Beave's Instagram and TikTok accounts, the latter of which has more than 835,000 followers, offer entertaining footage of the animal constantly packing things around the house and adding them to a "mound".
In a video on Instagram, Beave strangely tries to pick up a plunger - but to no avail.
A second video shows the animal carrying a small red chair from its back as Coyne narrates Beave's actions as she films the scene.
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Beave also makes it very difficult for Coyne to wrap Christmas presents in another video in which the animal is nibbling on a present.
"'What is it like to rehabilitate a beaver?' Apparently you can't wrap Christmas presents when he needs attention, "Coyne signed the video. "Beaver kits have a strong need for socialization and attachment time. A strong need."
Coyne, a wildlife rehab at Raising the Wild, said in an interview with NPR's Weekend Edition that Beave "has started gathering whatever he could get his little paws on" all over the house.
"So anything that was at his height, you know, he'd snap around the house," she said. "He seems to like doors. He a hell of a lot on my doorstep."
Coyne rescued Beave in May after he was found abandoned outside. He was only 3 weeks old.
"I got a call, like I usually do for a lot of rehab, and the woman said she found a baby beaver on the side of the road," Coyne said. "So I said, 'Of course you can bring it to me.' ""
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Coyne said she plans to keep Beave for the next two years. During this time she will help him adapt to nature until he is ready to return to the wild. "By around 2 years of age, his hormones should act like they do in the wild," she said. "And he'll want to go out to find a partner."
After a "very slow, gentle release process", Coyne will say goodbye to her precious animal, while Beave spends time at a nearby pond where his future with his (hopeful) partner will begin.

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