Meet Candy Sterling, a fierce drag queen at night and a corporate professional by day

Behind the Drag wants to show the life of some of America's most talented drag queens off stage. The intimate series gives us the opportunity to meet the people behind our favorite drag queens.
During the day he lives Jeff Sterling, lives in Manhattan and works in marketing for a global skin care brand. At night she is Candy Sterling, a wild drag queen who takes over the drag scene in Brooklyn.
"A lot of people see it like I'm definitely going to have a double life," Sterling said. "Because I can free myself through nightlife and performance, I can bring the same energy back to work, develop really creative ideas and feel liberated in the office. And that gives me the balance."
Sterling was introduced to the world of drag-through dance. He grew up in jazz, tap, modern, hip-hop and theater and eventually danced backup for a friend who was a drag queen. But he admits that he was jealous, and although it took him several years to get the courage, he finally decided to do it.
He praised his mother as his inspiration and a great source of support. She was the first person to help him pull and taught him everything from contouring to covering his lips.
"Candy's approximately two-hour project starts and ends with a bucket of head-to-toe tanner and ends with a pair of 301 lashes and a nasty lipstick," Sterling said.
Candy's style is minimalistic in that she wears minimal clothing. And although beautiful on the inside, it looks mean and violent on the outside. It is also inspired by the late 1970s in NYC.
"For me, the disco is all about liberation, excitement, joy," said Sterling. "What I really take out of the disco during this time is more of a feeling and the energy that existed in New York at that time. In this outlet I can express myself, tell stories, celebrate all these things that I have in the queer community and love the drag and the queer culture and history. It's the perfect highlight of everything that appealed to and inspired me. "
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