Meet Skipper, an Adorable Puppy Born With 6 Legs Who Is Defying the Odds

Courtesy of Neel Veterinary Hospital
This is Skipper and she is as unique as you will ever see!
This Oklahoma City-born Aussie / Border Collie mix was born with a pair of congenital disorders called Monocephalus dipygus and Monocephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus. In non-veterinary terms, the result is a cute little puppy that has a single head and chest cavity but duplicates almost everything below it, including its urinary tract and reproductive systems. Most noticeable for those who are not equipped with an X-ray machine, Skipper has also received two tails and an additional pair of legs.
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While Skipper is believed to be the first puppy born alive with that particular lottery ticket, she is not the first to live a happy life with more than a normal number of legs! In 2019, a black lab puppy named Roo was born in the UK with an extra leg on each of its front legs. Roo uses a rollator to get around more efficiently and had one of her extra legs surgically removed in early 2020. Otherwise, Roo continued to lead a happy and pain-free life: something veterinarians have high hopes for, even with Skipper.
Tina Neel, DVM, owner of Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City, where Skipper was examined, was born as part of a litter of nine children. causes the results we see in this little girl.
Skipper was turned down by her mother, but hospital staff say the puppy was bottle-fed well. All six legs seem to move and respond well to stimuli, and the vets say all the food they put in them seems to come out at the other end, just as it should.
"We will continue to investigate their conditions, monitor their evolution during the re-examinations, and help ensure that Skipper remains pain-free and comfortable for the rest of their lives," wrote the veterinary clinic in a Facebook post welcoming Skipper into the world . "She is fine at home now."
While it is possible that Skipper will most likely need physical therapy or mobility aid as she grows, all of her internal organs appear to be in great shape that she is a happy, flowering pup.
Their owners have gone to Facebook to post a series of updates for Skippers growing list of fans. They share that the puppy is "happy, healthy and still growing. She finds her own way and learns quickly. She will open her eyes soon ... and she will thrive and be pampered every day." This cute six legged girl even has a soft toy to cuddle up with at night - a camouflage that people say keeps her company while she sleeps.
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