Meet the real-life Rapunzel who has hair longer than 5ft and hasn't cut it for over five years

Malgorzata Kulczyk was referred to as a real-life Rapunzel. (Caters)
Get to know the real Rapunzel, a woman with hair that stretches over a meter and has not been cut in over five years.
Malgorzata Kulczyk, 34, from London, never intended to make her hair this long, but was encouraged to do it long by friends and family who said it was so well looked after that there was no reason to have it cut to let.
The full-time computer student's long locks now span five feet and two inches, and she last shortened them over five years ago.
Though naturally blonde, Kulczyk's hair has taken on a red sheen thanks to a homemade serum made from an oil mixture that she applies half an hour before showering.
And her unusually long hair has made her the object of desire for some.
"Men can't believe it's real. They say it's beautiful, impressive and feminine, ”explains Kulczyk.
"Some even fall in love with me."
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She has learned different ways of braiding her hair. (Caters)
But she says that she also got some less positive reactions to her long curls.
"People can be jealous," she says. “There was a situation where a colleague kept telling me that my hair was too long and I should cut it.
"She said she thought it must be painful to me and I probably spent so much time on it.
"But after a while, she completely changed her mind and even tried to grow her own hair out."
You might think having such long hair would mean a lot of grooming, but Kulczyk says her weekly routine is similar to that of any other woman with long hair.
"My hair doesn't have a big impact on my daily life," she says.
"I wash my hair up to three times a week and wear it as a different style per day in ponytails, braids or buns. I only use natural products, including everything that's mixed with coconut oil, which is my favorite. "
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Malgorzata Kulczyk has not cut his hair in over five years. (Caters)
But she has some tips for anyone who wants to try growing her own hair.
"I would tell anyone who wants to grow their hair long that patience is the most important thing," explains Kulczyk.
“To keep your hair in good condition, you need to take care of your body and eat a healthy diet.
"Other things I would recommend are staying hydrated, exercising, and avoiding stress. Nettle tea is particularly good for hair growth," she adds.
In 2016, Kulczyk, who studies computers in London but is originally from Poland, started sharing pictures of her hair on Instagram.
And her decision not to go to a hair salon for more than five years seems to have paid off among Instagram followers, as she currently has over 10,000.
While it won't stop us from visiting the hairdressers as soon as they're open again, we fully appreciate their commitment.
You can follow the real Disney princess on Instagram @miss_longhair.
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The computer student says men love her long locks. (Caters)
Kulczyk is actually not the only real Rapunzel.
Andrea Stano, 34, comes from Micronesia and now lives in the USA. She has strawberry blonde hair that goes down to her ankles.
While spending up to 45 minutes a day worrying about her crowning glory, she says it's her daily spoonful of peanut butter that keeps her in top condition.
"I am firmly convinced that this step keeps my hair healthy and makes it grow faster and thicker," says Stano.
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