Megan Fox Releases a Statement as Fans Demand Michael Bay Apologize to Her

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Megan Fox has released a statement warning fans that Michael Bay sexualized them at a young age.
Fans pointed out how Megan's career suffered because of speaking out.
At the weekend, an interview between Megan Fox and Jimmy Kimmel from 2009 reappeared on Twitter, in which Megan said director Michael Bay had her dance under a waterfall in a bikini and heels on the set of Bad Boys 2 when she was Was 15 years old. Unsettlingly, Jimmy's reaction to Megan was basically to fire her, make a joke of it, and laugh.
Clip from 2009 in which Megan Fox tells a story about Michael Bay, who sexualizes her as a 15-year-old

The crowd laughs and Kimmel makes jokes

Teenage girls hunted by older men have never been taken seriously and still are not
- liz w? (@ reservoird0gs) June 21, 2020
This is particularly worrying considering that Megan was released from Transformers a year after her interview with Jimmy. At this point, the crew members accused her of "chattering her garbage mouth". Fans are now demanding that Michael, Jimmy and Hollywood generally apologize to Megan for sexualizing her at an early age and trying to cancel her for pronouncing it. Yesterday she posted an answer on Instagram.
"I know there has been an online discussion about some of my Hollywood experiences and the subsequent misuse of this information by the media and society in general," Megan wrote in a statement posted on Instagram. "Although I really appreciate the support, I have to clarify some details as they were lost in the retelling of the events and cast a sinister shadow that I don't think is really part of it, at least not where it is being projected .. . "
She continued to repeat that while she was only 15 or 16 years old as an additional Bad Boys 2, another story about her being forced to wash Michael Bay's car during Michael Bay's Transformers audition needs further clarification.
"However, it is important to note that I was 19 or 20 years old when I auditioned for Transformers. I was 'working on' one of Michael's Ferrari (I pretended to know how to hold a wrench) during one of the prelude scenes There were several other crew members and employees present in the studio parking lot in Platinum Dunes, and I never moved out or anything like that. I wasn't underage and didn't need to wash or work on cars in this particular foreplay story at this point. that has nothing to do with the material in the actual script. I hope that the opinions on these episodes are at least incorporated into the facts of the events. "
Megan continued to thank the fans for the support, but said that the specific cases "don't matter on a long and arduous journey that I've had some really harrowing experiences in a recklessly misogynistic industry."
She concluded by saying, "But when it comes to my direct experience with Michael and Steven, I have never been sexually assaulted or persecuted. I am grateful to everyone who is." brave enough to speak, and I am grateful to all who take it upon themselves to support, uplift and comfort those who have been harmed by a violent and toxic social paradigm. "
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