Megan Thee Stallion Reposted A Group Photo Where Cara Delevingne Had Been Completely Cropped Out Hours After Fans Raised Concerns Over Her Bizarre Behavior At The Billboard Music Awards

She's not a musician, but somehow Cara Delevingne became one of the most talked about guests at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards.
Though it remains unconfirmed, it appears the model-turned-actor got an invite as a plus from rap star Megan Thee Stallion. But that doesn't explain Cara's somewhat bizarre behavior that night.
In case you haven't been scrolling through your social media feeds this week, a slew of Twitter users couldn't help but notice that Cara was acting a little weird around Megan, and it sparked a slew of memes.
The night kicked off with a red carpet walk, with Cara making strange faces and lurking behind Megan in the background of all her pictures.
Seemingly unprovoked, she even jumped in to play with the train on Megan's dress.
Before we move on, it's probably important to note that -- as far as we know -- Megan and Cara haven't previously made it clear that they're close friends or that they're even in the same circles. This made the whole situation even more confusing as the night progressed.
With all of that in mind, perhaps you can better understand everyone's confusion as the guests took their places within the ceremony and - to the surprise of fans - Cara sat in the front of the audience between two of the night's biggest contenders, Megan and Doja Cat.
Later that night, when Megan was proclaimed the winner of the Female Rap Artist category, fan intrigue reached new heights after seeing that Cara appeared to invade Megan's privacy, sticking her tongue near her face and again to play with the train of Meg's dress as she stood up to receive her award.
Not long after, an equally pathetic video surfaced online showing Megan and Doja chatting in their seats, before Cara ~literally~ stuck her head into the conversation.
In the clip, which has now gone viral, both Meg and Doja appear to be laughing about it and seem quite unfazed by the surprise interruption. But now fans are starting to get the feeling that Megan Cara's strange behavior might have been a little awkward after all.
After the show was over, Megan took to her Instagram account to celebrate her win and repost some sweet snaps from the night. However, some observant followers couldn't help but notice something unusual in one of Megan's photos from the ceremony.
In the picture Meg posted to her story from a fan account, she and Doja can be seen posing together from their seats. Of course, it didn't take long for people to realize that Cara - who'd been sitting between them in the original photo - had been completely cropped out of the shot.
Though Megan clearly didn't do the editing herself, fans were quick to speculate that the repost was a subtle nod to the online comment about Cara's odd behavior.
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