Meghan Markle Apparently Baffled an Eavesdropper by Talking a Lot on Double Date in NYC

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Like most people who visit cities where they have friends, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took some time to have dinner and meet a few of those friends during their recent trip to New York City. Unlike most people who have dinner with old friends / generally try to live their lives, Harry and Meghan's lovely evening has been completely overheard and examined. ?
According to a report on Page Six, the Sussexes were hanging out with another couple (described as "blonde and a tall guy" who the point of sale assumed is Meghan's long-time friend Misha Nonoo, who is blonde, and her husband, Mikey Hess, who qualifies as the "big guy" at 6'1, at the Bemelmans Bar at the Carlyle Hotel on Wednesday night. Apparently a "spy who sat across from the couple" spilled all kinds of tea / guesswork about the date - mostly that Meghan "talked the most" during dinner.
The source couldn't emphasize how much Meghan talked during the double date and apparently even asked her own dinner companion, "Why is she talking so much?" (Not a word about what insights the spy's dinner companion had into Meghan's personal conversation habits / psyche, tragically.)
Of course, no one outside of the actual conversation could answer the question of why Meghan was (supposedly) talking so much, but out of my head I would suspect a combination of excitement to meet a close friend and share stories about big life news (like the recent birth her daughter Lilibet Diana) and / or excitement about a professional venture or passion project (of which the Sussexes in particular have many).
These are just guesses, obviously, but since the Page Six "spy" also reported that "[Meghan] was happy about something" and "she talked a lot with her hands," they don't seem like terrible guesses.
The source also reported Harry's behavior during the double date, saying that he had "very few answers" during the conversation and occasionally checked his phone during dinner.
"Harry got bored and started checking his cell phone," said the source / spy. "Then he got back into the conversation, and then he lost it again and went back to his phone."
Maybe Harry checked out and took a brain pause / a bit of boredom scrolling (if that's a crime I personally don't know of a smartphone user who is not guilty), but there are obviously many reasons why he wouldn't have been bored Cell phone can look.
Possible reason 1: Meghan told an adorable story about Archie and / or Lili and Harry scrolled through his camera roll for accompanying pictures and videos.
Possible reason 2: Harry's phone exploded with texts / emails about his and Meghan's jam-packed schedule during their NYC trip and he was doing the administrative work so Meghan could focus on meeting a close friend she rarely sees.
Possible reason 3: He sent Meghan a comment about the "spy sitting across from you" who seemed to read way too much into every single thing they did all night.
And that just occurred to me.
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