Meghan Markle Has Reportedly Distanced Herself from Jessica Mulroney

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By Marie Claire
After Jessica Mulroney's white privilege scandal, her long-time friend Meghan Markle has reportedly resigned from the relationship.
A source close to the Royal said Meghan "distanced herself from Jessica because the comments were unacceptable and offensive."
Still, the source insists that Meghan does not intend to end her friendship with Mulroney completely.
Meghan Markle could make some changes to her inner circle. A source near the Duchess of Sussex says she has reevaluated her longstanding friendship with Jessica Mulroney after the recent white privilege scandal.
In the event that you need a summary, Mulroney came under fire when black influencer Sasha Exeter called her out for "very problematic behavior" and "privilege of the textbook" after Mulroney reportedly contacted brands to prevent them from using Exeter to work after the two women had done so falling out. At a point where Mulroney tried to explain her behavior and defend herself, she seemed to subtly point to her friendship with Meghan, who had been consistently victim of racism, especially since she joined the royal family.
Now Meghan appears to be taking steps to distance himself from Mulroney.
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"She distanced herself from Jessica because the comments were unacceptable and offensive," a source close to the Royal told ET Online. "[Meghan's friends] have been concerned for some time that Jessica will benefit from her relationship with Meghan and use her to promote her brand. [Prince] William and Harry have not accepted that with any of their friends."
However, according to the source, this does not mean that Meghan Mulroney will cut out of her life completely.
"Jessica made a mistake in the judgment that was unfortunate and for which she apologized and vowed to step down and learn from her insensitivity," the source said. "Regardless, Jessica has been a source of strength for Meghan in some of her toughest times in the past. She even watched over [Markle's son] Archie."
While her friendship with Mulroney is cooling off, Meghan is unlikely to notice the absence too much. The Queen will soon establish the Archewell Foundation with her husband, Prince Harry, and is committed to promoting social justice and equality and working with Black Lives Matter executives.
"At the moment, she is focusing on projects and issues that are important to her, including developing the couple's foundation and listening and learning to community leaders about social justice and equality," the source said.
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