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Megan Markle
A royal commenter has just hinted that Meghan Markle has finally "found her voice" after being "muzzled for years" by the royal family and is now "excited" to "unmuzzle" and use her voice again.
Meghan Markle has reportedly found her voice again after being institutionally muzzled
The bold claim came from historian and royal commentator Tessa Dunlop during an interview with talk TV host Sarah Hewson, in which she hinted forthcoming changes are "surely going to rock the boat," and the Duchess of Sussex, 41, speaks up just with her old, pre-royal self instead of morphing into someone new.
“I don't think it's necessarily a rebrand; I think it builds on the old Meghan," Dunlop began, claiming that we didn't really know the former Suits actress well before she entered royal life, so this could be a great opportunity to meet her after her death been muzzled by the "institution" for all these years.
"She's taken what she could from the old institution of monarchy, she's enjoyed the trappings, and she's reparked her guns on the big, lush lawns of America, and she's showing her voice to the world in a way that she felt was." muzzled while she was in the institution," continued Dunlop.
"I think that's what Meghan was always about before she married Harry," she added. "He encouraged them and made sure that together they were greater than the sum of their parts."
What has Meghan previously said about feeling silenced?
Meghan has had quite a bit to say about being silenced since joining the royal family, particularly during the infamous Oprah interview that aired in March 2021. “I have always valued independence. I've always been outspoken, especially when it comes to women's rights, and that's the sad irony of the last four years, I've campaigned for women to use their voice for so long," Meghan told Oprah. "And then I was quiet." Oprah then asked, "Have you been silent or have you been silenced?" and Meghan replied, "The latter."
In the same interview, Meghan also compared herself to Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid when she pointed out that like Ariel, she too had to give up her voice to marry her prince. "And I was like, 'Oh my god, she's falling in love with the prince and that's why she's losing her voice.'" Meghan said. "But in the end she gets her voice back."
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Other famous faces respond to Meghan with their voice
Not everyone seems to be a fan of Meghan's proverbial muzzle - and they haven't been shy about speaking their minds!
Bethenny Frankel mocks Meghan on her podcast
Businesswoman and former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel said she thinks Meghan has shared too much since she and Prince Harry stepped down as senior royals, even comparing her to a former housewife who left the show , but couldn't stop talking about it.
"She's a lot like a housewife in that she can't stop talking about the very thing that she wants to make irrelevant," Frankel said on her Just B With Bethenny Frankel podcast in September. "When you leave the royal family, you leave the royal family. You learned something, you said it, we heard you... and still you talk about the royal family in every single interview you do. Let it go Elsa. Go forward. Create change in the future."
"I want to separate from the royal family," she said, mocking Meghan. "I was treated horribly. I want my privacy, but I want my podcast. I want my privacy, but I want a Netflix special.” Frankel has also speculated as to why she thinks a lot of people don't like Meghan, saying that she thinks she's "talking down" to people during her podcast. "I think she's hypocritical. I think there is this subtext of the survey. She's up there, we're down here," she said.
Megyn Kelly Says She Doesn't Care About Meghan's 'Non-Problems'
Megyn Kelly, who has never been shy about speaking her mind about the Duchess, has done so again, telling Dan Wootton that at a time when people have much bigger issues, she really "should stop talking about herself." “. "I'm so sick of her tired, outlandish, irrelevant thoughts about her non-issues," Kelly said in her interview with Wootton, referring to the 100,000 homeless people who live in the state of California, where Meghan and Harry currently reside, and added added that the homicide rate "has reached an all-time high".
"We do not care. Shut up! Stop talking about yourself and show some humility and gratitude," Kelly continued. "And we're supposed to give an [expletive] if someone calls Meghan the B-word or difficult? We don't, she doesn't understand. Nobody gives an [expletive] about these non-problems. She should stop complaining and show some gratitude for a seemingly very beautiful life in which she finds nothing to celebrate."
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