Meghan Markle Puts an Unexpected Twist on Christmas Dinner Side Dishes

Before Meghan Markle celebrated Christmas as Queen, her vacation plans were very different. The Duchess of Sussex will no doubt have a fancy Christmas dinner with Prince Harry and baby Archie this year, but thanks to an old Grazia story, Markle previously revealed what her past vacations were like. She shared her hosting tips with the outlets and let's just say elegant dinner parties have always been a matter of course for Markle. From hacks for Christmas decorations to sharing her advice on creating a table landscape, her guide to a successful holiday dinner is all you need to pleasantly surprise your friends and family this year.
While Markle gave plenty of tips, her version of the side dishes for Christmas dinner is one of our favorites. "If you're like me, you end up buying way too much of anything for holiday food," she wrote in Grazia. Markle added, “Whether you have leftover sweet potatoes or just want to refresh the classic vacation side, these maple glazed potato wedges are yearning for you. With the slight kick of cayenne pepper and the brightness of the lemon added, they will become a crowd pleaser. "
To be honest, maple syrup potato wedges sound divine. Markle's quick recipe is the perfect way to take advantage of our leftovers and turn them into a dish we'll actually eat. Another priceless gem that Markle dropped into the socket? Christmas decoration 101.
The Duchess of Sussex has a knack for stylish products from buying silver serving trays at Etsy or flea markets. Regarding an easy way to enhance your Christmas decorations, she wrote, “Traditionally, garland or magnolia branches are used to decorate a staircase railing or mantle. Take this concept and cut out the outline of a mirror or a beautiful piece of art that is centrally located in your entryway or living room. "
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As Markle says, just a simple garland can make a world of difference. And if these tasteful tricks worked for the Duchess of Sussex, they definitely work for us!
Before you head out, check out our foolproof Christmas gifts for absolutely everyone on your list:
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