Meghan Markle’s Miscarriage May Lead to a Royal Reset

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Immediately after The Daily Beast read Meghan Markle's bold and brilliant comment about her miscarriage in the New York Times earlier this week, she reached out to the offices of Prince Charles, Prince William and Queen Elizabeth to get a feel for the mood of theirs Camp.
While Charles and William more or less stuck to the usual "no comment", the reaction from the Queen's office was rather unusual. While they said they would not comment, they did so and found that this was a "deeply personal" topic, a phrase that, while not exactly warm, encouraging, or supportive, had at least a minimum of empathy and compassion Seemed to show for Meghan and Harry.
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry spoke to royals about miscarriages in the New York Times, Source says
Empathy and compassion, like anyone who's seen The Crown, haven't exactly been the royal family's commodity in Peter Morgan's devastating portrait of the Windsors on Netflix for the past few weeks.
What is also important is what did not happen next. The palace did not phone friendly journalists and deciphered Meghan - as was the case when Diana revealed her bulimia all those years ago - as an attention seeker or self-publicist.
For those who have watched the ruthless yet bizarre way the royals sought to censor and control Meghan over the past few years, the lack of approved royal sources to slam them is a welcome development. (It should be said, however, that if they had attempted such heartless criticism at all, they would have been rightly condemned by the public.)
It will be a relief to Meghan; not because she needs someone else's permission to tell her truth, but more prosaically because a narrative about the "royal series" would have detracted from the message of the article itself.
Of course, that doesn't mean that there won't be any little arguments and that Meghan and Harry will be sniffing again.
It will. But it seems that even the famous hard-hearted Windsors saw the wisdom not to be critical of Meghan's pain. That in itself feels like it could initiate a major setback in relations between the Sussexes and the establishment.
The Daily Beast also exclusively revealed that Harry and Meghan had spoken to his family about their decision to write their conventionally harrowing play, which - as well as Chrissy Teigen's photographic account of their miscarriage - was thought to be a mind-altering contribution to the conversation about this everyday tragedy.
Friends of the couple told The Daily Beast that they discussed the "very painful" experience with Harry's family.
The royal family doesn't deserve a medal for showing herself as human, but its senior members seem to have finally accepted that Meghan - who complained about being deprived of her voice and silenced as queen - has a right to it to be heard. This is progress.
On the bigger question of whether this traumatic event will fix rifts in the royal family or put things into perspective a bit, it's probably too early to tell. Meghan's camp was guarded in her parlance and specifically said that the painful experience with Harry's family was "discussed". That in itself is encouraging, but they haven't used words to suggest that the Royals' contribution has been a great source of comfort or comfort for Harry and Meghan.
It wasn't long before some experts started sharpening their knives against Meghan: Camilla Tominey, an influential royal commentator for the Daily Telegraph, where she is also an executive, published in her weekly newsletter in which she wrote, a breathtakingly harsh portrayal of Meghan's decision to expose her miscarriage.
"The piece she wrote for the New York Times will only serve to further support the Mail in defense on Sunday that Meghan repeatedly invaded her privacy," wrote Tominey. "When she described how she saw her husband's heart break as he tried to hold onto my broken pieces, she revealed one of the most intimate moments of their own marriage."
Unfortunately, there will be many in the upper echelons of the UK establishment who will be selling this line in the coming days. The cunning pretend to respect Meghan's public statement on the one hand and at the same time to undermine it or on the other hand to call it stupid or myopic.
You lost a ticket, not least because Meghan is clearly an extremely smart person. For example, she cleverly used her play not to wallow in her own grief but as a stepping stone to discuss the greater crisis America is in this Thanksgiving weekend.
Aside from the political upheaval associated with the general election, more than 20 million Americans are covered by some form of unemployment insurance, and the television news has shown heartbreaking images of many Americans using food banks. A new wave of coronavirus cases may follow the holidays, making all of these numbers worse.
Understandably, the media focused on the big news Meghan revealed - that she had a miscarriage in July. But the second half of the article, railing against the "siled living" enforced by the pandemic, is full of guideposts and pointers to how Meghan believes she and Harry could be useful and what they could do in 2021 if your pandemic delayed Archewell Foundation goes into operation.
Harry is passionate about mental health. He paved the way for the royals by talking about his own mental breakdowns caused by the heartache he repressed for his mother, his paranoia, and the PTSD-like symptoms he suffers when dealing with a number is faced by cameras.
In her play, Meghan writes: “We have learned that the burden of grief is often lighter when people ask how one of us is doing and when they really listen to the answer with an open heart and open mind. By being invited to share our pain, we take the first steps towards healing together. "
This seems like a very clear explanation, even to a casual observer, that Meghan and Harry will continue to speak openly about their mental health issues. Meghan is likely to be a powerful advocate for women who have miscarried.
Omid Scobie, co-author of Harry and Meghan's insightful and controversial biography Finding Freedom, who has been given privileged access to the Sussex world, tweeted a screenshot of text from a source on Thursday detailing the Sussexes' Thanksgiving arrangements .
“They'll have a quiet dinner at home and look forward to celebrating their first American Thanksgiving Day as a family. They plan on enjoying a home cooked meal of traditional Thanksgiving dishes, including recipes made with fresh vegetables from their garden. "
Given America is facing what exactly Meghan has called "a vacation like no other," we can be pretty sure that Harry and Meghan will come to terms with not only the trauma and heartache of their miscarriage, but for them too many good things will thank your life.
One of those good things seems to be that the British kings have finally accepted the futility of getting in her way - even though it seems outrageous to many that it took the loss of their unborn child to get this simple message across .
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