Meghan Markle Struggles to Forgive Jessica Mulroney for Bullying Black Influencer Sasha Exeter

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If you follow the Duchess of Sussex closely, you will no doubt know the stylist Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle's best friend. Mulroney helped plan her wedding to Prince Harry (and her own children were part of the ceremony); She also helped plan Meghan's baby shower and was an occasional caretaker for Baby Archie in Canada. In other words, these two are close - or at least they were. Mulroney faces a quick and violent backlash after black influencer Sasha Exeter delivers a series of threatening messages she received from the stylist. Meghan has seen the unprovoked attacks Exeter released, and she is confused by Mulroney's behavior and the apparent use of white privileges.
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As Exeter explains, she was first confronted by Mulroney after posting a call to trade for white voices with a large platform to reinforce the Black Lives Matter movement. In response, Mulroney defended her decision to remain silent and threatened Exeter's brand partnerships by claiming that she had already spoken negatively about Exeter to several companies. The next thing she did was to apologize publicly - while privately sending Exeter a message and threatening to sue.
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Exeter herself points out the connection between Mulroney and Meghan Markle, which she rightly calls "one of the most famous black women in the world". Meghan has also worked beyond her status as a black celebrity and queen to elevate the black communities and campaign for the Black Lives Matter movement. How can your best friend come from such a different place?
According to a source near Meghan, the Duchess herself has a hard time with these issues. The source told Entertainment Tonight that Meghan is hurt and embarrassed by this "painful" situation and is trying to overcome her anger over her long-time friend.
Meghan believes Mulroney was "so deaf when she used her privilege to bully Sasha Exeter," the source said, adding that Mulroney had contacted Meghan privately earlier this week for her "misguided and insensitive comments," although it's unclear whether the conversation provided a solution.
Since Exeter revealed Mulroney's actions, the stylist has canceled her reality show I Do, Redo and has been removed from Good Morning America. In her video, Exeter explains why the stylist's threats were so scared and hurt.
"Listen, I don't call Jess a racist, but I will say this: she is well aware of her wealth, her perceived power, and her skin color privilege," Exeter says. "And that, my friend, gave her the current confidence to come in writing for my living. In my personal opinion, the white privilege of the textbook. "
Exeter also shared Mulrony's message that she was actively working to damage the influencer's reputation: "I've also spoken to companies and people about how you treated me unfairly. You think your voice is important. Well, it does is only important if you express it without shaming people who are just trying to learn. Good luck. "
"It's a threat. It's a threat to my livelihood," Exeter repeated incredulously to her fans. "And so that she threatens me, a single mother, a single black mother, kills me during a racial pandemic."
Although Exeter knows that she hasn't done anything wrong, she still had serious doubts about getting ahead and feared a backlash if Mulroney decided to see herself as a victim. But in the end, she was convinced by the idea of ​​raising her children in a better world, sharing her story.
"I'll be damned if the next generation of black women have to go through this," says Exeter. Meghan Markle is undoubtedly the same - and if Mulroney wants to remain her close friend, she has serious work to do.
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