Meghan McCain 'enraged' over 'hypocrisy' of protests, Trump rallies happening the in face of coronavirus pandemic

In the wake of The View on Tuesday, Meghan McCain highlighted a double standard on two hot-button issues: While President Donald Trump has been criticized for holding an upcoming rally in the middle of a pandemic, he says McCain, the ones Those who took part in nationwide protests were not subjected to the same criticism.
"There's a lot of hypocrisy," McCain said, "and that's one of the problems I'm really angry about."
While McCain made it clear that she believed all the major public gatherings to be dangerous during this time, she pointed out that Trump rallyers are treated differently than the protesters.
"Is COVID a pandemic where we all have to go to the shelter or not?" She asked. "Or is it just a pandemic if you are a conservative and a Trump supporter and then have to stay inside and you are a hypocrite if you sign this waiver and attend his rally?"
President Trump speaks to supporters in North Carolina during a rally on March 2 - his last before the coronavirus pandemic broke out. (Photo: Brian Blanco / Getty Images)
This relinquishment, which she referred to, would have the Trump administration signed before rally participants took part and would waive her right to sue if they became infected with the corona virus.
The debate between the co-hosts became nervous, and Joy Behar discussed with McCain about Trump's role in managing the pandemic.
"If he hadn't been so incompetent, we would probably all be excluded from it by now," said Behar. McCain replied, saying, "This is an American problem, this is a non-partisan problem, this is not just the Trump administration's problem."
And so that you don't think McCain is campaigning for Trump, she made it clear that in her eyes she only brought out the unbalanced reporting. "I'm not a Trump fan, everyone knows that," she said. "But you make me defend him when you say things like" He wants people to die, "" He doesn't care about public health. "
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