Meghan McCain faces backlash after calling for Dr. Fauci's firing, complaining about vaccine rollout

Meghan McCain faces a backlash after seeing Dr. Anthony Fauci had called for because she had not received the COVID-19 vaccine despite being a celebrity.
On Monday's episode of "The View," McCain told Dr. Fauci with how "frustrated" she is after appearing on CNN's "State of the Union". McCain played a brief part of his interview with CNN's Dana Bash in which Fauci refused to recommend whether vaccinated grandparents can safely see their unvaccinated grandchildren.
"Recommendations will come out. I don't want to make a recommendation on public television right now," said Fauci, the Biden government's top health advisor. "I would like to sit down with the team and see that."
On Monday, McCain, 36, said the fact that Fauci "can't tell me that I can have dinner with my family if I get the vaccine" is "terribly inconsistent news".
Though she "wants to be responsible and obviously want to wait for my turn," McCain called the rollout a "disaster" and suggested that she should be vaccinated already.
"The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of 'The View', don't know when or how to get a vaccine because the rollout is so nebulous for my age group and my health, I have no idea when and how to get it, "said McCain." I want to get it. If you call me at three in the morning I'll go anywhere to get it anytime.
The late Senator John McCain's daughter returned to The View in January after taking three months off following the birth of their daughter Liberty.
She continued, "For one thing, I want something to look forward to and hope for, because if the vaccine doesn't change anything and we have to wait a few more years for everyone to get it, there will be plenty of people around who don't. " get it."
Joy Behar says she didn't miss Meghan McCain, the co-host, after clashing with The View
McCain calls for Fauci's release
Although McCain admitted that former President Donald Trump was also responsible for introducing the vaccine, the co-host of "View" stated that she was officially "over Dr. Fauci."
She suggested that President Biden replace Fauci with someone who "understands science".
"I think we need more people who have more opinions," she said. "I think the Biden administration should remove it and put someone in who might understand the science or how these other countries can talk about how we can be more like these other places that are doing this successfully."
Later on Monday, McCain doubled her views on Twitter.
"Many of you can continue to worship at Fauchi age," she tweeted. "I'm not a fraud - I'm not going to go on TV and lie and say one thing in private and another on the air. This is my opinion. We need someone in charge of messaging and coronavirus management."
Co-host for "privilege" and "nepotism" popped
McCain faced a swift backlash for what many social media users described as "privileged", "nepotism" and "legitimate". Some even demanded that ABC fire her.
"500,000 people died and all @MeghanMcCain can talk about is herself, her privilege and her last name," tweeted @ChrisMarius.
User @ theresiak1 added: "#TheView @ABC It's time to FIRE MEGHAN MCCAIN ... what a self service (expletive). Many are waiting to get vaccines. Older and more fragile in many ways. Enough with their shtick. It's obscene and offensive to anyone with a minimum of intelligence and morals. "
User @MrErnestOwnes called McCain's comments "deaf" and added, "I have a better idea. @ABC, fire McCain for being brutally pretentious."
Others noted that McCain is not an essential worker.
"@MeghanMcCain, you're not necessarily my darling, so wait in line like everyone else. Your privilege is glaring right now," @terikateB tweeted. User @ diddy94404 added, "Nepotism isn't exactly an 'essential worker'."
Sunny Hostin, co-host of 'The View', reveals that her in-laws have died of COVID-19 three days apart
What do McCain's co-stars say?
Whoopi Goldberg took a commercial break after McCain's controversial remarks.
Sunny Hostin, who recently lost her two in-laws to COVID-19 within three days, said Monday, "As Americans, we need to stop belittling scientists and questioning scientists, and my God, follow science. And then we would be we are all in a much better place. "
Hostin added that Americans are "angry" and "vaccine jealous" because the Trump administration has not handled it properly. "
Co-host Sara Haines said she was "grateful for people like Dr. Fauci" because "I'd rather get the answer right than quickly". She added, "This is a pandemic and they are learning in the workplace."
Behar said she will have her second vaccination this week.
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