Meghan McCain Puts Her Foot In It With Jaw-Dropping COVID-19 Vaccine Take

Twitter users saw Meghan McCain badly after making a breathtakingly self-centered comment on the COVID-19 vaccine.
On the Monday episode of "The View," the show's co-hosts discussed an interview that Dr. Anthony Fauci had with CNN's Dana Bash on Sunday in which he avoided making concrete projections about wearing masks because there were too many variables.
McCain was not happy that Fauci would fail to provide details on whether someone could visit friends and family after the vaccination, and urged President Joe Biden to fire Fauci for this.
The fact that Fauci can't tell her that if she gets the vaccine she will be able to have dinner with her family is "terribly inconsistent messaging," McCain said.
McCain then has the COVID-19 equivalent of "Do you know who I am?" and complained that her celebrity status didn't help her get the shot.
“The fact that I, Meghan McCain, co-host of The View, don't know when or how to get a vaccine because the rollout is so nebulous for my age group and my health that I have no idea when and how do I get it, ”she said. “I want to get it. If you call me at three in the morning I'll go anywhere anytime to get it. "
Although McCain admitted that former President Donald Trump was responsible for many of the problems related to the vaccine rollout, she said she was "over Dr. Fauci".
McCain also noted that Israel vaccinated more than half of its population and unfoundedly suggested that Fauci's lack of understanding of the science hinders efforts to vaccinate Americans.
"I think we need more people who have more opinions and honestly the Biden government should remove him and put someone who understands science or how these other countries can talk about how we can be more like these other places, who do this successfully, ”she said.
You can see part of McCain's lawsuit below.
McCain's comments received a lot of ridicule on Twitter.
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