Meghan McCain: This Image Will ‘Haunt the Trump Campaign’

Meghan McCain, The View-based conservative co-host, said Monday that the now infamous footage of a grumpy President Donald Trump, who mixes Marine One after his lightly visited Tulsa rally, is "tracking" his campaign and "writing on." the wall "could be. ”
After days of hype from his campaign that hundreds of thousands of fans reserved tickets and an overcrowded crowd was expected to attend his rally in Tulsa, only 6,200 people attended the event - less than a third of the capacity in the arena where it took place. The president, who was reported to be "angry" at the embarrassing crowd, was seen later that night when he walked from Marine One with a untied tie and a crumpled MAGA hat.
After View colleague Joy Behar jokingly said she saw a larger crowd "at a Carrot Top performance in SoHo," McCain said that she had "so much to say" about the catastrophic rally, and found that she was on Co-moderator Sunny Hostin wrote about it Saturday evening Behar and SMS.
"She loved it so much," Hostin confirmed.
"I injected it into my veins," McCain exclaimed. "The Trump campaign was boastful and said that a million people would show up and 6,200 people would show up, whatever the reason ... to say it was well below expectations is very mildly expressed."
McCain referred to other notorious moments that tormented other politicians' careers, such as Howard Dean's scream, and claimed that the image of an oppressed Trump will "remain with the American public after the rally."
"Does he look confident of being reelected?" McCain continued. "No. He looks like a depressed person who may have recognized that the writing is hanging on the wall, and this is the picture that the Trump campaign will pursue. You can turn it the way you want. Kayleigh McEnany tried to shoot it. Fox & Friends didn't have it. "
She went on to say that she couldn't believe Trump's handlers let him get out of the helicopter like this before repeating that this could be the moment when the "Reality Show Presidency" ended.
"Was it this weekend where the audience got over it?" McCain continued. "Where do you want a new show? And I think maybe the American public, how serious COVID and the economy are and how serious social unrest is, doesn't want a reality show anymore. And I wrote that to you. This is the first time I think the writing could be on the wall for it. I'm not counting it, but that's bad news optically. "
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