Meghan Trainor’s 4-Month-Old Speaks First Words In New Video

Look who is speaking It's Meghan Trainor's little genius
Look, I'll just come out and say it, I think Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara's kid is a baby genius. In a new video for Sabara's birthday, Trainor shared a video of her FOUR MONTHS OLD BABY saying "I love you" to his mother and father. It was as amazing as it was confusing to see these words come out of that tiny baby body.
Trainor gave birth to baby Riley in February, which means the little dude literally ONLY just celebrated his four-month birthday and is already speaking his first words. Okay, sure, maybe it's just chatter, but watch the video for yourself and tell me your ovaries aren't bursting.
“Happy birthday @darylsabara! You will never know how much we love you, ”said Trainor in the cute video that shows Trainor and Sabara saying“ I love you ”to their son while, to everyone's surprise, he utters a babybabble version of it.
The good people in the comment section felt the same way and took in all sorts of OMG reactions.
Doesn't little Riley look just like a tiny version of Daryl Sabara? So pretty.
It's a sweet and happy moment for the new mom who has had a difficult pregnancy and an even harder birth. Trainor was diagnosed with gestational diabetes back in December 2020, despite calling it a "little bump in the street" and saying it just meant that she needed to be very conscious of her diet. Then, like many women, she had to deal with giving birth during a pandemic and not being able to have her mother with her in the delivery room. After the birth of her son, she opened Today Parents' "terrifying" first hours of her son, saying he was born breech and had "breathing problems" immediately after birth.
"It was one of those horror stories that he didn't cry about," said Trainor. “He didn't make any noise when he came out. I thought to myself: 'Why isn't he crying?' "
"It was terrifying," Trainor said after doctors told her that her son had difficulty breathing. “I had to see him for a second before they took him away. That was probably the worst, ”she said. After five days in the neonatal intensive care unit, Riley was healthy enough to go home with his parents, and Trainor documented that tense first week online by saying, “We got off to a rocky start… but Riley is perfect, happy and healthy. so happy to be your sweet mom boy. "
Fortunately, Riley seems to be fine now and is saying full sentences. What a delightful, smart, and healthy little bundle of joy.
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