Men sentenced in teen gang rape that outraged Morocco

Eleven men accused of kidnapping and gang rape of a Moroccan teenager were each sentenced to 20 years in prison, the victim's lawyer said Wednesday in a case that sparked national outrage.
Khadija Okkarou, then 17, went public about the abuse in a video posted online in 2018. It was a rare action in the conservative North African country.
She said members of a "dangerous gang" abducted and detained her for two months, raped and tortured her.
The video also showed horrific scars allegedly from cigarette burns and tattoos on parts of her body.
Okkarou's attorney, Ibrahim Hachane, told AFP that the criminal chamber of the downtown Beni Mellal Court of Appeal found the accused guilty on various charges, including rape, kidnapping and detention.
Two other defendants were sentenced to two years' imprisonment and one year probation, respectively, he added.
Hachane said the attackers were also fined 200,000 dirhams (around 19,000 euros, 16,000 US dollars).
But he found the verdicts "not harsh" as charges of trafficking in human beings can be punished with up to 30 years in prison.
He said he would appeal.
"The victim is still under treatment and what she has been through will stay with her for the rest of her life," said the lawyer.
Rape victims in Morocco are often subjected to double trauma as conservative Muslim society blames them for their ordeal.
But the country's media and human rights groups regularly raise the alarm about endemic violence against women.
In 2018, a law to combat abuse came into force, which for the first time gives women in Morocco legal protection against "acts that are considered to be forms of harassment, aggression, sexual exploitation or mistreatment".
The new law also paved the way to support victims of violence.
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