Mercedes-Benz Adds 6 New Electric Vehicles to Its Battery-Powered EQ Line

Mercedes-Benz's interest in electric vehicles is not just temporary. And as if to demonstrate its commitment to electrification, the famous brand was just announcing plans to dramatically expand its EQ range of electric vehicles with not just one but six new vehicles.
Days after the announcement of its second fully battery-powered motor vehicle, the eScooter, the German automaker published its ambitious expansion plans for the EQ line. While details are still scarce, the announcement makes it clear that the zero-emission line will mirror its gas-powered counterpart with A-, E- and S-Class vehicles.
We were already aware of two of the vehicles being added to the EQC as part of the automaker's newest line. The first of these is the EQS (Top Center), a “progressive” luxury sedan with a range of 435 miles, which is expected to be the flagship of the line and is also part of the S-Class range. The elegant EV is expected to hit stores next year and will be the first luxury or executive car based on Mercedes' new electric architecture. The other is the EQA (top left), a crossover based on the GLA. The compact commercial vehicle is expected to go into production at the end of the year and go on sale in 2021.
These vehicles are followed by the EQE (top right) and the EQB. The former is based on the Mercedes E-Class and is referred to in a video attached to the announcement as the “business sedan of the future”. The latter is another crossover based on the recently released GLB hatchback. According to Car & Driver, the EQA and EQB are likely to be on the more accessible end of the price spectrum.
Rounding out the newly announced vehicles are two full-size SUVs, one based on the EQS and the other based on the EQE. The EQS SUV will also act as the flagship of the EQ line and is expected to hit the market in 2022, a year after its sibling sedan. At the time of writing, no timeframe for the EQE SUV has been released.
The first vehicle in the EQ line, the impressive EQC crossover, was due to hit stores in the US this year, but those plans have been delayed. It is now expected to reach US dealers next year along with EQB and EQS.
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