Mercedes "MJ" Javid Shares Update on Son Shams' Latest Milestones and Thoughts on Baby No. 2

Merecedes "MJ" Javid is a proud mother.
In an exclusive interview with E! News, the Shahs of Sunset star raved about son Shams' latest milestones - and the fashion sense. The stylish toddler rang a Mets bash on his second birthday on April 19th, and Javid is very proud of Sham's classic Shah style.
"He's starting to get dressed, choosing his clothes. He's starting to talk. He's very stubborn," Javid said before the season 9 premiere on Sunday. So stubborn, in fact, that Javid has to argue with the toddler.
"Let's say he's picking up something that isn't a toy. You have to explain it to him so he can understand. It's not like, 'Oh no, I'm just going to remove this from you,' he'll cry and have one Breakdown. So if you argue with him he understands and that as a mother is amazing to see, "Javid explained. "He's two but he understands, just explain."
Shahs of Sunset Season 9 Pictured Photos
Is Shams' determined personality more like Javid or her husband Tommy Feight? According to Javid, Baby Shams is a mix of the two and a shot of Javid's late father who is Sham's namesake. "He's really cute and loving. He comes up to us and hugs us out of nowhere. It reminds me of my dad, so I love it," said Javid.
However, don't expect Javid to expect it anytime soon. "I think we are fine now and that is the best we can handle and should try to take it over," opened Javid. "But you never know what the future will bring. Maybe I don't know."
Two would be one too many for the mother of a two year old. "I'm happy to just focus on [Shams]. A small person is a lot. If there was another baby, I don't know how mothers decide which direction to run," concluded Javid. "I don't know how else to do it!"
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